“Money In The Bank” Preview

CM Punk will put his WWE Championship on the line at Money in the Bank in what’s sure to be another thrilling technical match against Daniel Bryan.

Vickie Guerrero, the interim General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, announced the WWE Championship Match on Twitter during the June 25 Raw SuperShow on her account@ExcuseMeWWE. She tweeted:

I’ve just confirmed with the WWE Board that at #MoneyInTheBank, @CMPunk will defend the WWE Championship against @WWEDanielBryan.

These two rivals clashed in May at WWE Over the Limit in a match that won’t soon be forgotten. Showcasing their bitter rivalry and proficient technical abilities, this intensely physical bout ended in controversy, as Punk pinned Bryan while nearly simultaneously tapping out. The Straight Edge Savior won the battle and retained his title.

More recently at No Way Out, Punk’s WWE Title was on the line again in a Triple Threat Match against Bryan and Kane. Thanks to interference by AJ, Punk hit the Go to Sleep on The Big Red Monster, allowing The Second City Saint to retain the WWE Championship.

The ever-increasingly unstable AJ has made her presence known around Punk, Bryan and Kane, whether she’s giving good luck kisses or wearing miniature versions of her latest flame’s gear. Punk and Bryan must wonder how the Geek Goddess will factor into their latest bout.

Will Punk continue his lengthy title reign when he faces his longtime rival, Bryan, at Money in the Bank? Will it be another close call or will AJ interfere again? If the Diva does get involved, will she take Punk’s side again or that of her ex-boyfriend, Bryan? Tune in to Money in the Bank July 15, live on pay-per-view at 8 ET/5 PT. (HOW TO WATCH)

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  1. Well in my opinion I think cm punk needs to stay focused & keep his head in the game. He has to keep that title around his waist. He’s the BEST IN THE WORLD! Aj shouldnt even get involved in the match. she’s only gonna be a distraction & plus she’s TOTALY CRAZY! Mentaly UN-stable. Cm punk doesnt need that. I know that even though he digs crazy chicks. She’ll probably even cost cm punk his wwe title IF she does. 🙁 p.s. I hope for cm punk’s sake he defeats daniel bryan & retains the title.) fingers crossed.

  2. And when I thought CM Punk was done wrestling Daniel “Goat-face” Bryan, here we go again. I have confidence in CM Punk. I believe he can win this. He has all the tools; strength, knowledge and fan support.

  3. Well , you’re right , but cm punk has been developing feelings for Aj this whole serie , and i think they should stay together , their the perfect couple. If they are happy together everyone should let them be .
    So what if Aj’s crazy ? he digs crazy chicks (; that’s why is the best in the world , and it’s not Aj who’s gonna make him lose his title.
    She’s a lucky charm , (:

  4. Wow ines fransco wat show were u watching last monday nite. Cm punk developing feelings for aj? LOL! Last I saw cm punk did NOT look happy when aj walked away from him backstage b4 her diva’s match. Wat does that tell u?

  5. Hello CMP:
    BIG FAVOR: Could you somehow block all the negative talk about the ADORABLE: A J? Do all you can to keep her the LOVABLE A J.!
    In her various writings & interviews. she has never ONCE had a negative to pass on about another person. She is so adorable…So small yet up to such a wild “man’s game” & LOVEABLE to top it off, That tells you a LOT!!
    You once told her you don’t trust Daniel. After what he put that doll through, I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT HIM!! He’s the 1st person in my life I could describe as one with Rocks in his head!
    All at the announcers table were throwing nasty words her way, which half killed me! I will NEVER picture her as a horror…”the worse in the Diva’s,” etc. etc.
    Brian, looking on with great joy on his “beraver-puss” says she is not even of the human race! It would be sheer JOY to see him get himself entangled in the very pit he’s digging for A J!
    On Me: I was in radio until two major operations nummed me.
    During my last days at WNJH Hammonton (South Jersey”s farm belt.)
    I connected with a POWERFUL Philadelphia PR man. Hed be behind Wrestling, He’d send me the up-coming card, and as Program Director, I put the entire card on the air. He told me to come to the THEN, Philadelphia Arena for a month’s taping of Wrestlling. Word got out that a radio man was there, perfect…I was put to work behind the audio board. The following Sunday, I did the same, only on “Roller Game of the Week!”(Lovely Judy Arnold & I were close.)
    I saw WWE had “Studios” & was STRONGLY considering exploring work there. I’m out of work, but the super-expense to get to Stanford was an immediate problem, then their studio’s might not be active enough to provide a weekly check.
    Anyway, maybe they could use writers. This became a strong-point, in my career, but since these two massive surgical proceedures, MUCH follow-up medicine’s have me to the point of “Zombie!”

    Blue Skies Smooth Sailing Best Alway’s Ted Dirkin

  6. Hey ted Dirkin, I completely understand ur opinion towards AJ but, NOT everybody feels the same as u. Everybody has a right to there opinion. And I never said anything negative about AJ I just said that I dont think cm punk has the same feelings for aj as aj has for him. Remember when they were backstage and cm punk told aj he thought they should have a serious, serious conversation about wats going on between them, & aj said if u want to take it to the next level im ok w/that but, just as aj was walking away cm punk did not look happy. Thats wat I meant. Im sorry if you took wat I said the wrong way.

  7. Hi Sarah:
    My apology if I offended, I’m on that page about the relationship.
    Right you are, billions.. each with his own thoughts (“We see what we want to see” a Minister friend once said…How True.)
    I understand where you’re coming from. Seeing A J has been thrilling, noting her small size and intense feel for the business. And other gestures reveal a good and kind person there. Most likely it’s the writers, but to see a kind human suddenly going the opposite way is disturbing. (I admit, I’m quite sensitive.)
    I feel the WWE has a good & valuable person in her. To me…..she is tops! (I’m with this, being I did TV crew work on both Wrestling AND Roller Game of the Week in Philadelphia
    Hang in there!! Ted

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