Money In The Bank Results!!


CM Punk did it. He opened a black hole in the WWE Universe, seizing the WWE Championship in his hometown within his final hours as a contracted employee of Vince McMahon, sufficiently embarrassing The WWE Chairman and conquering a now-fired John Cena, “The Champ.”

Averting the last-ditch desperate measures of The Chairman of the Board – including an attempted Montreal-esque Chicago Screwjob and a cash-in coup by Money in the Bank contract winner Alberto Del Rio – Punk escaped the Allstate Arena with the WWE Title and its 63-year lineage as he blew Mr. McMahon and WWE a kiss goodbye.

(I will add digitals later)

17 Comments on “Money In The Bank Results!!”

  1. Great match! First pay per view I’ve bought in years and well worth the cash. All of Chicago was behind you tonight Punk. Now take that belt to Lou Malnotis and grab a victory pie.

  2. I didn’t think they’d pull the trigger.

    Wow. Just wow.

    I can’t remember a time when wrestling was more exciting.

  3. he did it! one of punk’s epic success in his carreer! im so proud of you punk, i always have faith on you since you were in RoH! now… i will just gonna say, cm punk you’re the best!! xXx

  4. EPIC!! Punk, you’re the best. Finally best guy in company gets what he deserved. Thank you, Punk!!!

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