Nerdist: CM Punk Lays Down a Grammar Slam

Let it never be said that professional wrestlers aren’t smart, erudite, and great at oratory. WWE Superstar CM Punk is all of these things, and is also a huge grammar snob. In his delightful new Nerdist Channel series Grammar Slam, he teaches people the proper usage of some commonly misused words. Of course, he does so by ripping apart the grammar of the people who write nasty things to him. It’s really the best of both worlds.

On Grammar Slam, CM Punk gives you the dirt on some of today’s most persistent (and annoying) verbal and written errors. We’re talking about “literally” vs. “figuratively,” “threw” vs. “through,” “then” vs. “than” (which is one I personally can’t stand), and the big one, “their” vs. “there” vs. “they’re.” If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between any of these, then this show is right up your angry tattooed alley.


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