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  1. Post Wrestlemania 29, which I read the results for and was not disappointed that I did not buy…


    That about sums it up.
    Not everyone may like him, but there was one man in punk rock that went “all the way”, and obtained a position of cult immortality wherein his dignity and freedom as far as never being synthesized into the System was and is now never in question. GG Allin. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but when he said he was God, when he promised change and to return punk to its roots of rebellion and danger and “fun”, (by his own definition of this latter), he was willing to commit all the way. This is why people respect him twenty years after his death—and are still afraid of him.
    The point is, Punk has become Green Day. Hey—most people do, and there isn’t a negative judgment here. Just a bittersweet dream of what could have been.
    Wrestling’s messiah has turned out to be made of paper, like most messiahs usually do.
    Wrestling is done. Maybe someday it will become revenant enough to inspire something new that can be the same kind of social catalyst and unique form of entertainment.
    R.I.P. pro wrestling.

  2. It is just my opinion and it doesn’t mean a thing, but it seems too busy. That being said, you are going to sell tons of them.

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