New Ugly People Pictures

These are exclusive to the site, thanks to jen on behalf of Domino. He was nice enough to share some personal pictures of him and Punk.

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  1. Is this for a movie or something, because if it is by the looks of the last phot, it looks like its gona be hillarious.

  2. roll on 18th october someones gonna be 29 and that person is me lol omg i’m the big 30 next year

  3. I have seen these photos before. They have been on the Internet. I wish I could remember where I had seen them. Not on that Domino site that’s for sure.

  4. Sarah, wow nice you will be 30 next year? LOL 30 is NOTHING – trust me. You are still a chicken..:P

  5. I have already seen the pictures too. Maybe on flickr??

    who is Jen?

    @Sarah : so you’re Libra..they’re the best!

  6. Yesterday I was unable to post anythink on this site. I thought I had been censored 🙁

  7. smackdown was awesome friday night cant wait till butlins in september smackdown live woohoo its gonna rock

  8. You have seen some from Joey’s personal myspace. Jen is the webmiss of the Domino site.

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