New Wallpapers

Thank you to Meaghan for donating some amazing wallapers she has created. There are several different desktop sizes to chose from. Head to the wallpaper section to see all the new wallpapers!

11 Comments on “New Wallpapers”

  1. Looking bettr round here Punkspeople, thank you. The yellow just happens to do wonders for the walls. Meaghans work above is brilliant, love the retro on the right.

  2. Absolutely its getting better each time I come here. Right now reminds me of my comic book days, that cool feeling when yer in a comicbook store. The grey works when theres lots of color thrown in. Keep it swingin CM

  3. Yeah way cooler. Thats definately the angle to go for, heaps of pics and colour on the walls. Very cool, besides the art stuff from the fans has been hidden in those dark ol’ forums for way too long, this is clever use of your resources and will attract cooler fans along the way. Yeah more of what your doing now… and awesome work from Meghan…

  4. Outstanding pics and only enhances how cool Punks place is and ultimately could evolve into. Its feeling friendlier again like before the change

  5. you are the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    you are the only one

    I hope that you win

    good luck baby

    bye bye

    i love you

  6. hello cm punk good before I liked when noneras that bad but in inverted commas good much in spite of everything is wanted to you but you accustom I feel I hate myself it

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  8. u r n inspiration 2 me i hop 2 bcom lik u wish me met u once good wishes 2 u those hu hate u r shit fuckers & shuld get a kick in their ass

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