Night of Champions Preview: Big Show vs. CM Punk

At Night of Champions, Big Show will step into the ring with CM Punk, as the powerful knockout punch of The World’s Largest Athlete clashes with the full power of Straight Edge.

Big Show has pledged to eradicate CM Punk from WWE and with good reason. Punk nearly broke the gigantic Superstar’s hand with the assistance of his Straight Edge Society. Though Big Show went on to overcome The S.E.S. at SummerSlam, The Second City Saint’s early departure from the match prevented the giant from finishing the job.

After Big Show ridiculed the Straight Edge way-of-life on Monday Night Raw’s 900th episode celebration, Luke Gallows was sent forth to destroy him. However, when the “Sin-free Soldier” tapped out to Big Show’s Colossal Clutch, Punk became unhinged and executed the GTS on his own war-torn disciple! Now, with the future of The S.E.S. uncertain, Punk could be in for an enormous problem.

Though “The minister of Straight Edge” is the smaller of the two Superstars, that doesn’t mean he should be taken lightly. Punk is a two-time Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner and a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. His cunning nature is only outdone by his plentiful arsenal of dangerous maneuvers – most notably the dreaded Anaconda Vise – which helped claim a victory over the legendary Undertaker.

Will Big Show throw The Straight Edge Savior into a crooked future of pain? Find out at Night of Champions, Sunday, Sept. 19, at 8/7 CT, only on pay-per-view.

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  1. i think that cm punk will beat the big show if he can destroy the monster’s hands than he can beat him at night of champions the straight edge savior will beat him and the ses will get stronger and continue to stand together and united as one because we are a family and we are better than you .

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