Night of Champions Preview

At The Bash, the high-flying Superstar had World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk right where he wanted with an apparent pinfall. However, after closer inspection by the referee, it was determined Punk’s foot was under the bottom rope and out of bounds. After the action was restarted, Punk kicked the referee in the back, resulting in a disqualification. In one fell swoop Punk dropped the ref and crushed Hardy’s hopes of getting gold.

At Extreme Rules, Jeff Hardy was triumphant over Edge in a career-threatening World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match. But then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over when Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Hardy.

At Judgment Day, Jeff Hardy was betrayed by his own flesh and blood, Matt Hardy, who helped World Heavyweight Champion Edge steal a win.

And if you go all the way back to January at Royal Rumble, that is when Jeff’s troubles began. Shocking the WWE Universe, Matt showed his true colors, violently smashing his brother in the head with a steel chair, costing him his WWE Championship.

How much more can Hardy take? At Night of Champions, can he finally turn things around? Not if CM Punk has anything to say about it.

After waiting for just the right moment to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, the champion has proven he will do whatever it takes to retain his gold, including kicking a referee in the back at The Bash – a move which Punk still maintains was an accident. Certainly, Punk will not go down without a fight.

Don’t miss this epic confrontation at Night of Champions, only on pay-per-view, Sunday, July 26 at 8/7CT.

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