Night of Champions Wallpaper

Many of you might know by now the next WWE pay-per view is going to be Night of Champions. WWE.COM just posted the wallpaper for the event and it features CM PUNK. Click below to view the different desktop sizes, find which best fits your computer!

24 Comments on “Night of Champions Wallpaper”

  1. Heey, not much ;). Waiting for smackdown! BTW, Matt Hardy got drafted to smackdown, he and Punk might team

  2. I always love his smirk too, hehe. I love this but I think they did a little too much makeup/airbrushing…I love seeing the done and dirty, nitty gritty, REAL CM Punk, lol.

  3. i love how cm punk looks now and i love how he looked on ovw,tna,and iwa and fip and roh so i love how he looks all the time and i dont think that he will team up with matt hardy i dont think cm punk likes matt and if he turns bad or stay good i will always love and be in love with cm punk

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