“No Way Out” Preview

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – WWE Championship Triple Threat Match

A deranged monster’s dark fury has added even more fuel to one of WWE’s most explosive rivalries.

Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of Raw and SmackDown John Laurinaitis dropped a bombshell on the June 1 episode of SmackDown: WWE Champion CM Punk will defend his title at No Way Out in a Triple Threat Match against both Daniel Bryan and Kane.

The impetus behind this shocking announcement can be traced directly back to the nefarious actions of Bryan, himself. In recent weeks, WWE’s “Yes” man attempted to use Kane as a pawn in his ongoing conflict with the WWE Champion. The Big Red Monster is hardly the type to be exploited, however, and it wasn’t long before his fiery presence would intensify what was already an open – and volatile – hostility between Punk and Bryan.

In a battle between fierce competitors who have known each other for nearly 10 years, Punk barely fended off Bryan at WWE Over the Limit last month – getting the pinfall nanoseconds before tapping out to the excruciating pain of the “Yes!” Lock. Bryan’s near-victory against the long-tenured champion made it all but inevitable that he would get another opportunity at the greatest prize in WWE.

In his struggle to gain even the smallest advantage over The Best in the World, blinded by his desire for championship gold, Bryan sold his soul to the devil – actually, The Devil’s Favorite Demon. Tricking Kane to turn the monster’s fury against Punk, Bryan meddled with a force he couldn’t possibly control. On the May 18 episode of SmackDown, he repeatedly hammered Kane in the back with a steel chair before fleeing and leaving the WWE Champion to take the blame. The ploy worked in the short-term, as Punk sustained a brutal beating at Kane’s hands, but Bryan must now face the music for his machinations.

The Big Red Monster refuses to bend to the will of any Superstar, and his fiery rage may consume both Punk and Bryan. The masked force of nature brings brutality, cold-bloodedness and raw power to a rivalry that, thus far, has been defined primarily by agility, technique and heart.

As if the terrorizing presence of Kane and the innate chaos of a Triple Threat Match weren’t challenging enough, Punk’s No Way Out title defense is exacerbated by a fourth individual, someone who likely won’t even be competing that night. AJ – the not-so-secret admirer of Punk and the unbalanced ex-girlfriend of Bryan – is a wild card in an already unpredictable situation. Will her infatuation with the champion or her abhorrence of the submission specialist come into play at the explosive pay-per-view? Maybe Punk’s greatest threat isn’t a “Yes!” Lock or a chokeslam, but a woman scorned.

As WWE Champion CM Punk’s reign nears 200 days, will it come crashing down in flames, or can The Second City Savior defend his title against two very different – yet equally dangerous – opponents? The only way to find out is to tune in to No Way Out, June 17 at 8 ET/5 PT – only on pay-per-view.

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  1. After reading this article, and seeing the match tonight, I fear he will have to be watching out for 3 opponents who are at the ring. Though he doesn’t believe in it, I wish him luck and inspiration to win this June 17th fight.
    I would like him to “pull out all the stops!” He should stay “The Best in the World”. Me, all I can do is cheer for him. After reading his tweets tonight, I may not be worthy of being a fan. But as such, I will remain loyal. For now, I think he needs his rest.

  2. If there is no shady-ness, Punk should win. Kane is great, but he doesn’t need a belt…monsters don’t need trophies.

  3. After watching the June 4th episode of Monday Night Raw, I so wanted to choke AJ I think she is going to cost Punk his title. After those near pinfall victory against Kane. And thanks to her interference he got distracted and ended up getting chokeslammed. Punk u can pull off this victory I saw u do it at the elimination chamber where the odds were stacked against u. U need to get rid of AJ bcuz she means u no good. Hey if u read this u have fans in Jamaica cuz I am 1 of ur biggest.

  4. I really hope that CM Punk wins the WWE Championship title at No Way Out. He is getting close to 200 days being a WWE Champion. He has dream to become a WWE Champion and he is still WWE Champion. I really don’t know why AJ Lee likes CM Punk. She said that she likes being aggresive. If AJ Lee interference in the match and make my favorite WWE Superstar loses his championship title, I am going to be soo mad and start to hate AJ Lee. Well, I also CM Punk #1 fan. Let’s Go Punk!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. i’m sure that cm punk will win bcz he is the best wristler in the world..and let be real he don’t love AJ he just love mind games with that danny boy(daniel) but i’m afraid from KANE the big red monster!!!!NO WAY OUT gonna be awsome!!!!!LET’S GO PUNK!!

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