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GM Theodore Long made a Christian vs. CM Punk main event (WATCH)
While Christian was trying to convince Teddy Long to give him “one more match” for the World Heavyweight Championship, Raw’s CM Punk and his Pipebomb Microphone decided to join the conversation – igniting a war of words between the two Superstars. After openly bashing Raw’s Interm Raw GM John Laurinaitis, The Second City Saint – backed by an approving WWE Universe – suggested he and Christian battle it out. Teddy Long concurred, making the match official for the main event.

CM Punk def. Christian (WATCH)
As CM Punk looked ready to put Christian away with the GTS, WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio suddenly emerged – distracting The Second City Saint long enough for his crafty opponent to regain the advantage.

The disruption from The Mexican Aristocrat did not stop there. Later in the match– as his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez jumped up on the ring apron to take the referee’s attention – Del Rio pushed Punk off the top rope. Christian seized the moment, poised to hit the spear on his war-torn foe. However, before he could, Sheamus charged to the ring to even the odds.

Although The Celtic Warrior did not enter the ring or physically interfere with the bout, his presence caused Christian to take his eye off the ball, giving Punk the opening he needed to finish him with the GTS.

Debbie Wiseman Oct 29, 2011