October 31st Raw Results


On any other program, the sudden appearance of a talking frog and a pig who knows karate would seem bizarre. On WWE Raw SuperShow, it was just another part of a night that included a trick from R-Truth, a treat for CM Punk and a very Happy Halloween for John Cena.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry def. CM Punk by Disqualification (WATCH)
In a bout set by Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis on WWE.com, CM Punk had to defeat The World’s Strongest Man if he wanted to face Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title at Survivor Series.

It was a massive undertaking, but one The Straight Edge Superstar was more than willing to accept. That was until Del Rio’s flunky, Ricardo Rodriguez, hit the ring and jumped on Henry’s back, leading the official to award the bout to the World Heavyweight Champion via disqualification. Clearly, The Mexican Aristocrat wants nothing to do with Punk.

Big Show def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in a Title-Free Match; Del Rio vs. Punk set for Survivor Series (WATCH)
It looks like Alberto Del Rio will be defending his WWE Title against CM Punk after all. After being knocked out cold by Big Show’s mighty fist, The Mexican Aristocrat awoke to find himself in the wrenching agony of The Straight Edge Superstar’s Anaconda Vise.

With no choice but to agree to Punk’s demands for a WWE Title Match at Survivor Series or risk having his arm broken, Del Rio consented and the bout became official. Now that’s what you call hostile negotiations. (WATCH)

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