Only in Chicago: Five Street Fight Items we want to see


“Chicago will give you a chance. The sporting spirit is the spirit of Chicago.” – Lincoln Steffens

And it is in The Windy City that two men – Chris Jericho and WWE Champion CM Punk – will take their fighting spirit to the next level during their Chicago Street Fight in mere days at Extreme Rules.

The WWE Universe is well-aware that in street fights anything goes. But when they take place in a particular city, that mixes it up. That got wondering what items we’d like to see in a Chicago Street Fight to make this intense match up of two in-ring combatants even more memorable. Page through our list of items, and let us know other items you’d like to see used in Jericho-Punk’s clash at Extreme Rules.

#5 The Chicago Bean

Well, technically it’s not called a “bean,” but that’s how the people of Chicago refer to it as. Known as “Cloud Gate” in Milennium Park, the 110-ton structure is an impressive one to see. Completely mirrored, visitors can see the skyline of The Windy City and check their make-up all in one tourist stop! At 66 feet long and 33 feet high, just the mere thought of CM Punk dropping the elbow on Jericho from “The Bean” gives us chills. What do you think, WWE Universe? Take it out of the the All State Arena and onto “The Bean”!

#4 Ketchup

As any good Chicagoan knows, hot dogs do NOT come with ketchup. They come with tomato slices, neon green relish, yellow mustard, sport peppers, pickle spears and diced onion. Besides creating their own “Red-hot slide” with all of the condiments, we’d think it would be appropriate for Chris Jericho to lash out against The Straight Edge Superstar with ketchup. Because you’ve already attacked his family and his principles, so why not attack his hometown hot dog?

#3 Deep Dish Pizza

That thick crust. The bubbly cheese. That heavy pan in the oven. No other food is synonmous with Chicago like deep dish pizza. The dense crust, almost like a bowl for the toppings, sauce and cheese, could provide the perfect combo for the utmost damage. How? Well, the citric acid from the tomato sauce could blind your opponent, the cheese (melted) could cause obstruction and the crust … well, that could cause bruising. No? We might not have this one fully thought out? Let us go to Dino’s Pizza for more research on this entry. Anaconda Vise or GTS Pizza, anyone?

#2 Oprah

“Everybody gets a buttttttt-kicking!!!” Oprah has called the Windy City home for decades. And although the show that made her famous may have ended its run, Oprah still may be in a fighting mood. We’re not sure the television icon would actually get in the ring, we’re pretty sure some of “Oprah’s favorite things” would be pliable weapons for wreaking the most havoc. Coming through the crowd of exstatic moms in pleated jeans screaming about the new $800 air purifier Oprah had just given them, this might be the most volaitile situation (especially with moms who have been promised free stuff) for Punk and Jericho have a street fight in … ever.

#1 Wrigley Field Ivy

Now here’s an idea that disgruntled Cubs fans can use: Wrigley Field ivy. The ivy at the home of the Chicago Cubs has been sad to “pad” the outfield walls for players daring to make an amazing homerun-saving catch. But the brick underneath leads us to think otherwise. Since WWE has yet to perform at Wrigley Field, why not bring the iconic ivy (bricks included) to the Chicago Street Fight? Imagine Chris Jericho flinging and swinging the greenery at Punk, while The Second City Savior swings his ivy, wildly yelling, “This … is … for … no World Series wins in … 103 years!!”

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  1. Use the ivy or the oprah but either way CM Punk will beat Chris Jericho to retain his WWE Championship. BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!

  2. I saw the results of Extreme Rules. CM Punk won. ONLY headline I needed. Now he needs to rest and regenerate. He earned it and deserves it. Good Job Mr P. and thank you for being the best wrestler I have seen in a long long time. Good rest and I hope you got to enjoy being home.

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