Out of Town

I want you guys to know since I’ve been getting several emails on my lack of updates that I’m out of town. The site won’t be updated until sometime around Friday. Check out the message board for the most up to date Punk information in the meantime.

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  1. thank you janedoe and you are cool but spicy so i am a kid now then you see cm punk emailed the wrong girl and its me ps his fans are waiting for this day to come well not that i dont say anything awkurd about him for a life time ever anyways i had a dream last night it began in londen town center when im sleeping on the bench waiting for the bus and then i heard music from the arena then i got on the bus and i sat down then i looked out of the window and there were wwe superstars and divas from raw smackdown and ecw then i got off the bus waiting in line to see someone i know but i had my school bag and my suitcase to go to the hotel in londen during the uk tour before i am happy and after that i was next to see a guy who is straightedge and drug free then i said hello to him and he said hello too then i asked him who he is then he smiled at me then he said my name is cm punk but then i was blushing and smiling with cheer and full of love in the air and the people were cheering on me when i kissed him but it is not just any kiss but its love i found in my soul and he cared about me by carrying me in his arms and i look in his angel eyes to feel his heart beating then all the boys and girls were saying aww and the kids were like cheerful and happy more like a family and it was romantic because he was in love with me and im so glad to have faith in myself then we went on smackdown togather for the first time in my life but mt family saw me on tv backstage waiting for him to get in the ring and say something about romance then he came out of his locker room and we were ready to talk then i heard fans booing and i was scared that they saw me weering the cm punk outfit and i weered it for him then we are in the ring talking then 5 mins later he was on his knees and pulled out a ring then asked me to marry him and i said i will be your wife but my family was jealous of him for me to get married and i found out he is not fighting against a guy but then he took me on a date in londen at the airport in the wwe plane but we did lots of things like going to the musiam watching movies and having dinner then he loveed me to sleep with him in bed for the fisrt time ever then the next day we wake up so bright and early then i made breakfast for me and him then we went to south port and we did lots of things like having lunch on the picnic table riding on the train playing games to win cash in the casino and we had candy flost and we went on rides like the ferris wheel the tea cups the bout swing the caracell and the roller coaster then we walked in the haunted house but he hold my hand in case i get scared then we went to the beach and it was sunset then we hold hands and we kissed then we went on smackdown for a wedding we got rings in our hands then the bells were ringing and we kissed and then my fav rock band journey was there and the fans were cheering for my first dance with him with a song called dont stop believing then the wwe superstars and divas from raw smackdown and ecw sang with us and journey was singing for the fans then cm punk and me had a kiss at the end of smackdown and that was the end of my dream

  2. That’s a flipping good dream, do you know my dreams pretty much take on the same idea, i’ve already had a flipping baby with him. I just don’t have the nerve to give everyone a blow by blow, probably coz im 22 now, if i was younger id be more comfy. Cheers to scrumptious dreams and we all hope they come true.

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