Over the Limit Results: Rey Mysterio shaves CM Punk’s head!

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Bald loser. That sums up CM Punk after Rey Mysterio defeated him with a seated crucifix then shaved his head at Over the Limit.

After Mysterio dispatched Punk in their highly-competitive Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. Hair Match, Punk’s minions tried to protect their leader from getting what was coming to him when a hooded stranger attacked Mysterio from behind.

Next, when Luke Gallows and Serena stormed into the ring, it looked like Rey was going to suffer even more at the hands of the S.E.S. But after emerging from an ominous crimson glow, Kane rushed to the ring to help drive off the S.E.S.

After The Big Red Monster chokeslammed Punk – and there was no one left to save the savior – The Ultimate Underdog prepared to take away Punk’s symbol of purity.

After acquiring two pairs of handcuffs that Luke Gallows brought to the ring, Mysterio handcuffed both of Punk’s arms to the ropes and delivered his second hard-hitting 619 of the night. With Punk helpless, Rey delivered the long-awaited head shaving.

It was clearly a cathartic experience for Mysterio – after having to endure months of verbal and physical taunting from Punk and his S.E.S. cronies – and a painful one for Punk.

Mysterio’s victory – besides saving him from having to do the unthinkable and join Punk, Serena, Luke Gallows and who knows who else in the S.E.S. – finally gave him the upper hand he had been seeking since their last two pay-per-view encounters.

With the symbol of Punk’s purity now gone, how will he react? And, what will the members of the S.E.S. do now that their leader has failed to back up his words? Find out on the next SmackDown at 8/7 CT on MyNetworkTV.

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  1. He is still Punk with or without hair. I give him a lot of credit for being will to take this road.

  2. NOOOOO!! I wanted CM Punk to NOT get his hair shaved! But as the WWE would have it,they jipped CM Punk so that it could follow storyline.It was going to happen anyway.

  3. He’s still an amazing wrestler =) and we all love him with or without hair =)

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