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CM Punk dropped a SmackDown Pipebomb … and Fandango

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CM Punk returned to SmackDown with a pointed message for former friend and business associate, Paul Heyman, and Heyman’s monstrous client, Brock Lesnar. Just one week after “The Best vs. The Beast” showdown was set in stone for SummerSlam, Punk was in rare form, informing the fired-up Texas crowd that the pay-per-view blockbuster of a match is exactly what he wanted.

Punk’s scathing tongue-lashing reached its crescendo when he proclaimed that, “Brock’s biggest weakness is the fact that he trusts Paul Heyman.” The former WWE Champion then stated emphatically that it will be that trust that will lead to Lesnar’s downfall.

Just as Punk ramped up his rhetoric, though, Fandango shimmied his way down the ramp to cut in on The Straight Edge Superstar. Punk’s answer: A GTS that left Fandango lying flat outside the ring.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 27, 2013

CM Punk called out Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

One would think that CM Punk wasn’t feeling particularly talkative after his thrashing at the hands of Brock Lesnar last week, one would be right. Punk didn’t want to talk, he wanted to fight. Speaking of Lesnar’s true secret weapon – not his power, but the fear he inspires – Punk addressed The Anomaly’s mystique head on with his boldest proclamation yet: “, here’s your headline … I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar.”

Vowing to leave Lesnar as beaten as he was, Punk demanded a SummerSlam match of “The Best vs. The Beast,” and his fiery rhetoric summoned Paul Heyman, via satellite and apparently next to Lesnar himself (The Anomaly remained offscreen), to offer a rebuttal. In short, Heyman’s response was thus: “If it’s a fight you want, CM Punk, your challenge at SummerSlam is accepted.”


Debbie Wiseman Jul 24, 2013


Rob Van Dam and CM Punk get their wounds stapled up by doctors following the brutal Money in the Bank All-Stars Ladder Match.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 15, 2013


The history of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match is one marked by reckless abandon, endless fortitude and more than a little bit of luck, but it was betrayal that defined the Money in the Bank “All-Stars” Match. With CM Punk a tattooed hand away from gripping a record third briefcase, the slimy Paul Heyman entered the fray and repeatedly bashed his supposed best friend — his “guy” — with a steel ladder. The brazen assault nullified The Straight Edge Superstar, giving Randy Orton the opportunity to capture his first Money in the Bank contract.

It was an underhanded ending to a match that exemplified the best Punk, Orton, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus and a returning Rob Van Dam had to offer. Billed appropriately as “All-Stars,” six of WWE’s true greats — minus a missing Kane who was sidelined by a savage Wyatt Family attack — risked it all for a guaranteed WWE Title opportunity and, debatably, an instant championship reign, as history’s proven.

Still, the talk of the WWE fans exiting the Wells Fargo Center focused not on dramatic flips and falls, but on the realization that the friendship between Punk and Heyman was even more strained than the WWE Universe imagined — and that a long coiled Viper is once again ready to strike.

Find out what happened when caught up with Heyman

The final match of the night began with a hero’s welcome for RVD who was returning to WWE in the city where he made his name. Six years removed from his last WWE run, the ageless Van Dam looked as good as he did when he first entered Extreme Championship Wrestling nearly two decades ago. The Philly fans, sensing a classic before the bell even rang, began to shake the arena as the ring filled up with future WWE Hall of Famers. And then all hell broke loose.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 15, 2013

11-year-old Genna and Pat, winners of the Superstars for Sandy relief auction, got the VIP treatment at a WWE Live Event in Trenton, NJ.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 15, 2013