Latest News • Meet CM Punk At “All In”

A lot has transpired for CM Punk in the past year, as the pro wrestler has skyrocketed to the top of the WWE. As he goes into a big match against both John Cena and The Big Show this Sunday at SummerSlam, I had the chance to briefly speak with Punk at the recent WWE Be a STAR / SummerSlam party about what to expect at the Pay-Per-View and his recent shift into a more ambiguous persona, straddling the line between heel and face.

IGN TV: I was at SummerSlam a year ago and since then, it’s been a very eventful year for you. You’ve had that championship belt for most of it. What’s it been like for you to experience so much in the past 12 months?

CM Punk: You know what, it’s cool. And doing an event like this kind of settles it in for me. Because I walked this same red carpet, the same Be A STAR promotion, same pay-per-view, SummerSlam, last year. And I was WWE Champion, and I’m WWE Champion still. So it’s exciting for me. It’s been one hell of a ride.

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Debbie Wiseman Aug 22, 2012

“The Perfect Storm” has passed, and left Triple H bereft in its wake. After weeks of angling to get Brock Lesnar into the ring at SummerSlam, The Game finally squared off against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and suffered a savage mauling at the beast’s hands. Triple H nearly snatched victory out of a seemingly hopeless scenario before Lesnar savaged him into submission with the Kimura Lock. The King of Kings left STAPLES Center under his own power, but will he ever be the same? Also, CM Punk retained his WWE Title after an opportunistic power play, and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus left Los Angeles with his own prize still in tow. What awaits the Superstars of WWE on the first Raw after SummerSlam?

Debbie Wiseman Aug 20, 2012