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Daniel Bryan, WWE Champion CM Punk and the WWE Title Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match competitors brawled in the ring

Raw SuperShow descended into physicality right off the bat on Monday night, when WWE Champion CM Punk, No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan and the various competitors of the WWE Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match found themselves in the ring together. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

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Debbie Wiseman Jul 3, 2012

Daniel Bryan won a Three-Way Elimination Match


Vickie Guerrero kicked off Raw SuperShow by reminding the WWE Universe that the WWE Board of Directors appointed her Interim GM. Her first order of business was announcing a Three-Way Elimination Match.

With AJ watching from a backstage monitor, WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane went to war. With Bryan reeling, Punk signaled for the Go to Sleep, but a big boot from Kane thwarted Punk’s plan. As the battle waged on, The Big Red Monster went on the offensive. But interrupting his moment was AJ, who came skipping to ringside. Capitalizing on the distraction, The Second City Saint blasted Kane with the GTS to eliminate him. But Bryan quickly swooped in with a kick to Punk’s head to seize the victory.

After the match, Vickie announced a No. 1 Contender’s Contract-on-a-Pole Match for later in the night between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, with the winner facing World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for his title this Friday on SmackDown.

AJ addressed her feelings for WWE Champion CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan
Raw kicked off with AJ explaining her feelings for Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, saying it would be best if they all went their separate ways. Later, after coming to ringside during the night’s 3-Way Elimination Match, she got an earful from Kane, who said it would be best if they stayed away from each other. Later, she apologized to Punk for what happened in his match and addressed their future. (WATCH)

During Raw, the WWE Universe voted on Twitter has to whom they want AJ be with. Check out the results from the @wwe Twitter poll: POLL RESULTS

Debbie Wiseman Jun 26, 2012

Mick Foley’s first match as the interim GM turned out to be a spectacular – and bizarre – one.(PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Kane and Daniel Bryan let out their frustrations on WWE Champion CM Punk after winding up on the losing end of a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out. Bryan repeatedly whipped Sheamus’ midsection with some vicious kicks and The Big Red Monster dished out some punishment of his own. However, the resilient Celtic Warrior hung tough and was able to make the tag when he needed to most. The Straight Edge Superstar laid into Bryan with a brutal running knee at the turnbuckle and followed with a running bulldog, but the submission specialist powered back with a big superplex.

Then, totally out of nowhere, AJ made a jaw-dropping entrance, skipping out to the ring in a Kane mask and matching outfit. After continuing to skip around the ring, AJ made her way back up the entrance ramp, leaving Kane bewildered by her creepy cameo. As The Devil’s Favorite Demon wandered off distracted, Punk capitalized with a Go to Sleep and Sheamus nailed Bryan with a crushing Brogue Kick to get the victory.

Debbie Wiseman Jun 19, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Before WWE Champion CM Punk took to the ring to face Kane and Daniel Bryan, he received a little good-luck kiss on the cheek from AJ, to which The Straight Edge Superstar replied: “Luck is for losers.”

Punk didn’t need any “luck” to become the longest-reigning WWE Champion in six years, but some mind games and a timely distraction from the ever-unpredictable Diva certainly helped his cause.(PHOTOS)

AJ’s presence was felt before the battle even took place when she planted a kiss on her ex-boyfriend’s cheek and admitted she still wasn’t over him, and later shared a long, passionate kiss with The Big Red Monster – their second stunning kiss in a matter of days. But as the Triple Threat Match got underway, AJ was curiously nowhere to be found, only an electric crowd anticipating what turned out to be a tremendous back-and-forth clash.

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Debbie Wiseman Jun 18, 2012


(WATCH | PHOTOS) Before AJ could offer an explanation as to why she kissed Kane on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, she was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. WWE’s resident Cougar preferred to introduce the Superstar who, four days earlier, won the right to challenge World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus at No Way Out, Dolph Ziggler. (MATCH PREVIEW)

In the midst of The Showoff and his “excuse me!”-wielding cohort’s attempt to take over, Vickie slapped AJ for calling her a “grandma” and ordered her out of “Dolph’s ring.” Rather than launching a counter attack, AJ just leered back with a twisted smile.

After WWE Champion CM Punk emerged and laid a sea of insults on both Vickie and Ziggler, Daniel Bryan also opted to join the fun. WWE’s “Yes” man expressed his elation that both Punk and Kane were, in his estimation, making the same “mistake” he made of getting mixed up with AJ – since her “bad luck” would allow him to walk out of No Way Out the WWE Champion. (MATCH PREVIEW)

Sheamus then entered the mix in explosive fashion. While once again disputing that AJ had anything to do with Bryan losing to him in 18 seconds at WrestleMania, The Great White informed Ziggler that by capturing Alberto Del Rio’s spot as the No. 1 contender, he had simply given the first Irish-born World Heavyweight Champion the chance to beat him again.

With all the principals in the ring together, The Celtic Warrior proposed that they have their scheduled main event tag team match right then and there. But before they could, AJ looked to take care of “old business,” lunging toward Guerrero in an absolute frenzy as Punk held her back.

Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler def. WWE Champion CM Punk & World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

(WATCH | PHOTOS) In the culmination of SmackDown’s tag team slugfest that pitted the two World Champions against two of their respective No Way Out challengers, Sheamus looked ready to hit the Brogue Kick on Dolph Ziggler for the victory. This brought Vickie Guerrero to the apron, only to be dumped into the ring by AJ. Though her actions proved crowd-pleasing, the bedlam allowed the quick-thinking Showoff to roll up the World Heavyweight Champion for the huge three-count!

As a shocked and defeated Celtic Warrior proceeded to chase his No. 1 contender into the crowd, AJ joined Vickie in the ring with a frightening steadiness. In Guerrero’s biggest mistake of the night, she proceeded to push her pursuer, bringing an out-of-control assault upon herself by the twisted beauty. AJ’s hysterical prey would only escape the fevered onslaught by kicking her attacker into the ring apron and running for dear life.

Then out of nowhere, Kane – the third combatant in the WWE Title Triple Threat Match at No Way Out – emerged, picking up the downed AJ and carrying her up the ramp. This ignited further warfare between The Big Red Monster, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan – ending with The Devil’s Favorite Demon chokeslamming both Superstars to the canvas.

As the monstrous Superstar locked eyes again with AJ once again, the wild Diva dropped to her knees in an almost possessed looking frenzy.

Debbie Wiseman Jun 16, 2012