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WWE Champion CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan

Far from their humble beginnings competing inside state armories and high school gymnasiums, WWE Champion CM Punk and No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan battled in an instant classic that left the WWE Universe absolutely breathless and Bryan incredulous. When the smoke cleared and the chants of “This is awesome” quieted, Punk was left holding the WWE Title, although the pinfall he used to achieve that end has already been called into controversy. (PHOTOS) | PUNK’S EXCLUSIVE POST-MATCH INTERVIEW)

From their many travels around the globe perfecting their craft, to their current statuses as two of the world’s premier talents, Punk and Bryan have been on parallel paths for most of their careers.

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Debbie Wiseman May 21, 2012


WWE Champion CM Punk interrupted General Manager John Laurinaitis

On the May 14 episode of Raw SuperShow, the WWE Board of Directors handed down a surprising series of mandates to the permanent General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis: His match against John Cena at WWE Over the Limit would be one-on-one, if anyone helped him, they would be terminated and if “Big Johnny” lost, he would also be terminated!

As a result, the WWE Universe got to see a whole different side of the GM at the start of Friday night’s SmackDown. A humbled “Mr. Excitement” claimed that, because of the Board’s ruling, his looming battle against the 10-time WWE Champion was like “leading a lamb to slaughter.” He went on to ask the WWE Universe to pray for him in his “lopsided” match.

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Debbie Wiseman May 19, 2012

I’ve also added a lot of photos to the gallery.

Debbie Wiseman May 18, 2012


WWE Champion CM Punk & United States Champion Santino Marella def. Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes

Less than a week before WWE Champion CM Punk will defend his title against Daniel Bryan at WWE Over the Limit, the champion tangled with his foe in tag action. And it was The Straight Edge Superstar who captured victory for his team over Cody Rhodes with a GTS … all the while making sure Bryan kept close watch on his fast and furious offense against Rhodes.

Debbie Wiseman May 15, 2012

USA Network’s ‘Welcome Summer’ Photoshoot

Debbie Wiseman May 12, 2012