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Debbie Wiseman Apr 15, 2012


After challenging the authority of new Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis at the start of the night, Punk was forced to defend his title against the formidable Mark Henry. In a dominant show of force, Henry took it to Punk as soon as the match began, and Punk found himself just trying to preserve his title for most of the bout. Each time Punk appeared to gain the upper hand, Henry would come right back.

In a promising display of offense, Punk delivered a series of blows and a kick to the head, then launched himself from the top rope onto Henry. But the risky move appeared to take its toll on Punk, who was then tossed from the ring and counted out of the contest. But Henry wasn’t done yet. With Punk down, Henry blasted him with a World’s Strongest Slam to the arena floor, leaving him writhing in pain.

After the brutality, Laurinaitis emerged to inform Punk that the WWE Universe wants to see him defend his title more often. “I see some dark clouds in your horizon,” he warned.

Adding insult to injury, Chris Jericho came to ringside to recall his WrestleMania Match with Punk. With The Straightedge Superstar still writhing in pain on the arena floor, Jericho hoisted a bottle of booze and proposed a toast. But instead of sharing a drink, Jericho poured the bottle’s contents all over the fallen champion. Next –while verbally assaulting Punk’s family – he warned him about drinking and proceeded to smash the glass bottle over his head!

Debbie Wiseman Apr 3, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho - WrestleMania 28


MIAMI– For weeks, Chris Jericho made things personal with WWE Champion CM Punk, bringing his family into things (WATCH). The two used The Grandest Stage of Them All to settle their score and finally prove who indeed is best in the world. (PHOTOS)

Before the match, Punk was informed by new General Manager of Raw and SmackDown John Laurinaitis that if he lost his temper and were disqualified, he would lose his title. “I don’t want a brawl out there,” Laurinaitis warned Punk before the match. Even before he entered the squared circle, the deck was stacked against the champion.

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Wrestlemania 28 Press Conference – & Twitter
Wrestlemania 28 Press Conference – Getty Images

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