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Debbie Wiseman Dec 5, 2011


WWE Champion CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio (WATCH)
The Mexican Aristocrat didn’t think CM Punk was going to go down that easy, did he? Barely one week into his reign as WWE Champion, The Straight Edge Superstar defended his title in a bout where he would have lost the championship had he been disqualified. Attempting to take advantage of this stipulation, Del Rio removed a turnbuckle pad and brought a steel chair into the ring. But the WWE Champion had his opponent scouted and tossed the foreign object before sending the underhanded Superstar headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle for the cunning win.

Debbie Wiseman Nov 29, 2011 posted the official wallpaper for the TLC PPV, featuring CM Punk & his ice cream bar.

View the wallpaper here & visit the official TLC site at

Debbie Wiseman Nov 29, 2011

Survivor Series Rally Candids

Thanks to Amanda for the photos!

Debbie Wiseman Nov 23, 2011


WWE Champion CM Punk mouthed off to John Laurinaitis (WATCH)
Still reeling after winning the WWE Title in Madison Square Garden at Survivor Series, WWE Champion CM Punk promised the WWE faithful in Hershey, Pennsylvania that he would make things interesting on WWE Raw SuperShow again. His first goal? To put Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis on the unemployment line.

The WWE Universe may have liked the sound of that, but Mr. Laurinaitis was quick to squash their applause. Entering to tell the new WWE Champion that he believes they can work together, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations promised that he was more radical than one might expect and then proved his unpredictability by scheduling Punk in two bouts — a rematch against Alberto Del Rio next Monday and a showdown with United States Champion Dolph Ziggler tonight.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Title-free Match (WATCH)
Their championships may not have been at stake in this match, but both new WWE Champion CM Punk and United States Champion Dolph Ziggler certainly fought like they were. Convinced that he was, in fact, the new face of WWE, the United States Title holder looked to knock Punk off his perch early, but The Straight Edge Superstar wasn’t going down that easy. Catching the bleached blond off guard, the WWE Champion scored with a devastating GTS to secure a  thrilling victory.

Debbie Wiseman Nov 22, 2011