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CM Punk def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (New WWE Champion)

The “Entertainment Era” begins now.

Making good on his pledge to beat WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, CM Punk became the 16th Superstar to win the coveted title in New York City’s historic Madison Square Garden after forcing The Mexican Aristocrat to submit to the Anaconda Vise. Now, The Straight Edge Superstar will have to live up to the second part of his promise — make the WWE Championship interesting again.

If Punk’s choice for his personal ring announcer was any indication, the man definitely knows what the WWE Universe wants. Recruiting WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel to vocally overpower Del Rio’s sniveling manservant Ricardo Rodriguez, Punk immediately thrilled the Garden faithful who fondly remembered hearing The Fink’s booming voice during some of MSG’s most classic moments. But once the excitement of the announcements subsided, it came down to two men fighting it out for one championship.

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Debbie Wiseman Nov 21, 2011

I made a huge update to the gallery. Enjoy!

Harrods in London Signing – thanks to Amanda
Raw at the O2 Arena – thanks to Simon
House show in Glasgow – thanks to Lisa
Extra digitals from Raw – November 14th
Survivor Series Fan Rally – from Heyman Hustle

Debbie Wiseman Nov 21, 2011

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Debbie Wiseman Nov 19, 2011

Photos from yesterday’s Survivor Series 25th Anniversary Fan Celebration have been added to the gallery here.

Debbie Wiseman Nov 19, 2011


Jim Ross failed The Michael Cole Challenge (WATCH)
Is anyone in the WWE Universe surprised that The Michael Cole Challenge was a sham? After weeks of threats, the sniveling announcer finally subjected J.R. to three tests for the opportunity to take over his announcing position. First, the Sooner beat Cole in an arm wrestling match. Then, J.R. schooled him in a dance competition. But the WWE Hall of Famer couldn’t pass the final challenge — a comparison to see who weighed less.

Cole may have been entertained by his swerve, but he was the only one. Outraged by what he described as a colossal waste of time, CM Punk stormed the ring and vowed to make Raw interesting again. Of course, he was quickly interrupted by Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis who announced a huge bout for tonight — CM Punk & Big Show vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

Unimpressed by the GM’s declaration, The “Voice of the Voiceless” immediately went about making Monday night more entertaining by locking Cole in a brutal Anaconda Vise. (WATCH)

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry def. CM Punk & Big Show (WATCH)
Before teaming with Big Show in an exciting preview of Sunday’s two World Title bouts, CM Punk was ambushed in the locker room by the vicious Alberto Del Rio and stomped into the ground. (WATCH) Bravely, The Straight Edge Superstar still made it out for his match, but he couldn’t stop The Mexican Aristocrat in his weakened state and was pinned by the WWE Champion. After the bell, Del Rio continued his assault, punishing Punk with the cross armbreaker.

Debbie Wiseman Nov 15, 2011