Latest News • Dana White Confirms CM Punk’s Opponent For UFC 225

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Punk comes on at about 2:27:00

On Monday afternoon CM Punk appeared on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” on and announced that he absolutely intends on having a second MMA fight in the near future. After losing, as he put it during the interview, “in spectacular fashion” to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 back on September 10th, the MMA community was unsure what the future held for Punk. Punk told Helwani that he spoke with UFC President Dana White and told him that he understands if he decides to cut him from the roster, but mentioned that he told him he would be fighting again whether it was for the UFC or another smaller MMA promotion. He also mentioned that he was “confident” it would be in the UFC, but couldn’t say for sure. In terms of the timeframe, Punk mentioned wanting to get back into the cage as soon as January or February, noting he has already “returned to the drawing board” in training and has been reviewing what he did wrong and what he did right in the loss to Gall earlier this year. While no opponent has been mentioned, Punk did indicate that there’s a good chance the fight will again be contested at 170 pounds. He did, however, mention the possibility of 185 pounds due to the difficult weight cut he had for his first fight earlier this year.

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