Preview: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

At The Bash, the fateful roads of squared-circle passion and championship retribution will collide, as World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk puts his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Jeff Hardy.

Extreme Rules saw Jeff Hardy prove triumphant over Edge in a career-threatening World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match that propelled both Superstars to heights of grueling insanity, the likes of which neither one had ever experienced before. It was time for celebration, as The Charismatic Enigma had finally overcome all that had stood in his way to stand alone in the glorious splendor of WWE supremacy.

But then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over. Suddenly and without warning, CM Punk brought Hardy hurling back to earth, cashing in his Money in the Bank opportunity on the war-torn Superstar to rip the gold from his waist as quickly as it had been placed there.

The Straightedge Superstar had also overcome unimaginable odds at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, beating out seven other Superstars to climb the rungs of the ladder and snatch his second Money in the Bank briefcase. This gave him the right to cash in that opportunity anytime he wished. Some claim that he simply exercised a move of strategic brilliance, picking the moment that the World Champion would be most vulnerable to attack and taking the title.

On Raw’s special three-hour edition 3-For-All, Punk put his title up against both Hardy & Edge in a Triple Threat Match. Hardy looked to once again close-in on victory over The Rated-R Superstar. However, Punk blocked Hardy’s path to glory once again, hurling him away from the win to cover Edge himself and retain the title. This further intensified the tension between the two Superstars and raised as many question as it answered.

At The Bash, a true moment of destiny will be revealed. There will be no ladders or no promises of glory hanging above the ring, only the white-hot intensity of reckless abandon. Two of the most tenacious Superstars in WWE will dish out every bit of their heart, strength and unbridled skill to determine who has the right to possess the gold. And in the end, only one of them will walk out the ultimate conqueror.

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  1. This is going to be an excellent match at the Bash. Punk will retain the title cause he always bring his ‘A’ Game in all his matches. He proved that on Monday night. True champion at heart! Lots of love to you, Punk. Be safe.

  2. ur hot! please dont listen to nobody when they tell u that cashing the m.i.b. was wrong! u are an opportunist. jeff hardy just happened to be the one who won the title. and u did u and seized the oppurtunity! so jeff and the rest of the wwe universe need to realize that! and plus if it was jeff hardy that did this it wouldnt be as much hoop-blah about this situation as it is about u! p.s. i am a jeff hardy fine cuz he HOT! and a good wrestler but thats not goning to stop me from speaking the truth!

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