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At WWE Bragging Rights, new World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker will defend his title in a Fatal-4-Way Match against three former Word Champions: CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Batista.

The Deadman defeated CM Punk inside The Devil’s Playground at Hell in a Cell to win his seventh World Title. Five days later, The Straightedge Superstar stormed his way into Friday night, demanding that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long give him his mandatory rematch on his terms. But before the issue could be resolved, Mr. McMahon emerged to “help” Long make “his” monumental announcement – the former Straightedge Champion’s rematch would be a Fatal-4-Way at WWE Bragging Rights, and it would also include The Master of the 619 and The Animal.

Despite losing the title to The Demon from Death Valley, Punk’s aggressive performance at Hell in a Cell will stay etched in the minds of the WWE Universe forever. He has continued to show his ability to emerge as a strong competitor for any type of match thrown at him, no matter the odds. His A-list skills, fused with an anything-to-win attitude, make the three-time World Champion a very dangerous threat to the gold.

Fabiola   Oct 10, 2009