Punk Leads The Revolution – “Outside the Ring” – Episode 23

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  1. The only reason y its even a spinner belt in the first damn place is becuz it represented who john cena is all hype with absolutely no meaning behind it. Cm punk is all about a sense of meaning with no hype. John cena is a gansta type guy while cm punk is more raw with heat. That wwe championship belt should havd been changed a long time ago. It doesn’t represent who cm punk is 2day. And the fact that people keep saying that john cena is the face of the company is a joke. Cm punk has beaten every superstar that has come his way and he’s STILL has the wwe title. John lost about 7 times to punk; he’s like a one hit wonder. I agree with TJ when are they going to change the cheesy spinner belt to fit a TRUE champion?

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