Punk Promises Something Big For Raw Tonight

The following statement was posted on CM Punk’s official WWE Superstar Facebook account:

Tonight’s announcement…

Last night at Capitol Punishment, I not only defeated Rey Mysterio…I also vowed to perform the most honest act in WWE History. Join me on tonight’s Power to the People episode of Monday Night Raw, and witness the genesis of something monumental.

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  1. It pains me to admire a man that pays as you do 17 and I am very disappointed…:( loserrr but I admire but for…

  2. I don’t care where you go Punk, just don’t leave the business, stay on TV and continue to be the best entertainment in the business today. Been watching wrestling for 34 years (I’m 41). Used to watch Andre the Giant & Haystacks Calhoun at the Olympic Auditorium in LA when Monthly show budgets for big names were less than 4 digits to the left of the decimal point. I’ve seen a lot of wrestling in my life, even longer than my favorite sport: Hockey (LA KINGS FAN, so I know how to suffer). I’m not proclaiming to be an ‘Expert’, but You are truly one of the best at the craft of wrestling & showmanship. The respect you have for the business is obvious and you are one of the very few that can pull off a heel like you do, yet still show that respect to the ones before you and stay a heel. That’s SERIOUS talent. CM Punk entertains me, Makes me laugh, forces me to think, AND wrestles like a sick bastard. Not to mention his taste in music is pretty solid as well (Sang in metal bands for 7 years, dealt with the industry and got out). Sometimes when I read Punk’s tweets, I have to dust off my old school OC (Orange County) Straight-Edge bands (And Friends) like Uniform Choice, Insted and Youth of Today and just remember how much fun it was to hang with them. I’m not Straight-Edge, but I sure respect it. Anyway Punk, whatever you do, you deserve to enjoy it. I’m sure you won’t settle for less. Thanks for everything to this point. -Todd

  3. Pretty please cmpunk! stay!! im going to cry if you leave!! ive been watching wwe a long while now,and i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! please come baq!!! i rele dont want you to go!! pretty pretty plz!!! i luv u punk <3

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