Punk’s Cameo in H2O Video

CM Punk appears in the new music video for the group H2O for their song “nothing to prove.” To check on the video watch below.

4 Comments on “Punk’s Cameo in H2O Video”

  1. Hello, I am an extremely large fanne of CM Punk.
    My greatest dream is to talk to him and tell him everything that I pence him. thank you

    Bonjour, je suis une très grande fanne de CM Punk.
    Mon plus grand rêve est de lui parler et lui dire tout ce que je pence de lui. merci

  2. Hi everyone.I’m from Ukrein,so I isn’t fine tolking on English…
    So I thing that’s CM Punk is very good resler.
    And about this clip…I thing his cool!!!!

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