Raw Elimination Chamber Match

Two miles of chain, 10 tons of steel, 16-feet in height and 36-feet in diameter.

Despite the considerable dimensions of the Elimination Chamber, the sinister structure hardly seems sizable enough to contain the animosity sure to be unleashed within. The Superstars participating in this year’s contest – John Cena, King Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth, Randy Orton and CM Punk – each carry long-held grudges against their fellow competitors as well as ill will that has only recently bubbled to the surface.

All six participants have experience within the wicked walls, but only one among them has actually won: John Cena. Although 2010’s WWE Superstar of the Year has emerged victorious from the structure twice – most recently at last year’s WWE Elimination Chamber – that fact by itself may well place a bull’s eye on his back.

Unquestionably, the other five competitors will gleefully take aim. Although, it’s hardly just Cena who will be in the crosshairs. Randy Orton has also logged two Elimination Chamber Matches, experience that will serve him well.

And the man Cena defeated last year to win the WWE Title? King Sheamus. The promise of redemption alone should be enough for the Irishman to throw all of his Celtic power around the chamber.

As for former tag team partners R-Truth and John Morrison, these two athletic Superstars share honors as this year’s wildcards. Although the two did not win during their inaugural WWE Elimination Chamber Match last year, each of their performances proved impressive.

And what of CM Punk? The New Nexus leader will not enjoy the luxury of his fellow Nexi to assist him while confined within Satan’s Structure. The Second City Savior, though, has already proven his worth independent of his disciples, time and again.

Regardless of outcome, the Raw Elimination Chamber Match promises to provide the spectacle of a half dozen of WWE’s most dynamic Superstars clashing within WWE’s most diabolical of structures. To catch all the punishing action, tune in to WWE Elimination Chamber, Feb. 20, only on pay-per-view.

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  1. punk and team will win next match.

    i hope so… MY SAVIER CM Punk will take the WRESTSLEMANIA

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