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“The Perfect Storm” has passed, and left Triple H bereft in its wake. After weeks of angling to get Brock Lesnar into the ring at SummerSlam, The Game finally squared off against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and suffered a savage mauling at the beast’s hands. Triple H nearly snatched victory out of a seemingly hopeless scenario before Lesnar savaged him into submission with the Kimura Lock. The King of Kings left STAPLES Center under his own power, but will he ever be the same? Also, CM Punk retained his WWE Title after an opportunistic power play, and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus left Los Angeles with his own prize still in tow. What awaits the Superstars of WWE on the first Raw after SummerSlam?

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  1. I think what is coming up on Friday’s Smackdown is a very angry “Berto” facing Sheamus. But I think the “Great White” can take care of himself even with sore ribs and a bad arm. For CM Punk, I hope he does choose John Cena. I think even if John did not admit on air what Punk wanted (and I think all superstars think of themselves as BITW unfortuneately), I believe that having the year end show down repeat of last year will seal the deal for Punk. If Punk wins at ‘Champions’, then if nothing else, Cena will have to atleast show Punk the respect due him from a fighter he has faced on numerous occassions. The off air and on air antics of those two have always been very entertaining and I hate to see this on-air bickerfest. Do I think Punk’s has his nose in a pinch? Maybe, but he does deserve some respect. But as for commanding it, I think he may need to rethink it. I’m being as honest as I can be. I think he got more respect when he was the ‘Happy go Lucky” Punk.” But I know he is going through a phase. I will weather the storm with him. I am sure he is following the WWE script but I hope he can be himself again soon. CM Punk is a tremendously talented man. I am sure his counter part Phillip Brooks is just as genuine. My best regards to you Mr. Punk, because I do think you are the best wrestler in the WWE currently. So hold on to the fans who cheer you on and let the others have their opinion. As for Jerry, no matter the reason you did it, you need to fix it. Stronger men should not hit the weak, or the weak minded. My opinion. My Best regards, Dawn I am sure others will tell me I am a jerk for saying some of these things I have said here but that’s ok because everyone has an opinion. I am not against Punk in any way. I just liked his other on air persona more. By the way DJ, as for saying this out loud, I think this new CM PUNK website ROCKS! Great job to the whole CM PUNK staff. Ok, I’m done now. Let the comments roll in,

  2. ok first of all wat d hell dude, hw long did it take u to write all of dat? anyway i think punk wil win his match against the rock cos he is good

  3. Hi Tamara, 1st: I am not a dude. 2nd: it took about 4 minutes to type. I type 80 words a minute with very few mistakes. 3rd: Yes, Punk is a great wrestler and a good man. 4th: Punk likes good grammar so I do my best especially when I think he may read my note.
    Let’s face it, I can’t text, but I am very wordy. My apologies if my first note was too long for you. You have my best regards.

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