Raw Preview For Next Week

Henry Gets Another Chance at Punk

After defending his title against Mark Henry the last two weeks on Raw, WWE Champion CM Punk will once again put his title on the line against The World’s Strongest Man. This time it will be in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match.

5 Comments on “Raw Preview For Next Week”

  1. OMG….please not again i can’t see it anymore…why all this happened to our champ he don’t deserve this…ooh god help me i can’t i just can’t see our champ hurts…. sorry!!!

  2. but i beleive that cm punk will find a way to def mark i’m sure but mark will hurts him for sure and it’s too much from the G.M come on try to be a man once in ur life stop attakin cm punk!!!

  3. CM Punk can beat Mark Henry. He just has to focus on the fight and leave the pettiness of Jericho on the back burner. If Jericho interrupts the match I would hope other wrestlers would also be there to stop the interruptions. John Laryngitis is d*#k. But CM Punk is above him morally. We fans, well all we can do is stay his fans and cheer him on. We the WWE universe seem to not have “People Power” but maybe enough people will write the WWE and convince the board that the shows are no longer PG rated. CM Punk, a personal note to you. Not that you belive in it, Good Luck to you in these next weeks. May you win all your matches, keep your body healthy and keep bringing it, as only you can.

  4. I don’t want Punk to lost the title at all. Most of all, I don’t want him to lost him before coming to Italy.
    It’s the GM that hates Punk and want to see Punk in such situations.
    But Punk is stronger then all this.

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