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WWE Champion CM Punk interrupted the State of WWE Address; Mr. McMahon challenged Punk to a match



So what is the state of WWE? Following Mr. McMahon’s address, state of flux would be appropriate to say the least. What started as a good-natured speech to the WWE Universe about what makes WWE great devolved into animosity and, finally, physicality after WWE Champion CM Punk decided to go a few verbal rounds with his former favorite “pipe bomb” target.

It was The Chairman’s implication that WWE was about the best battling the best that brought Punk forth, sporting a new T-shirt and the same furious attitude that led to the “pipe bomb” itself. The champion, furious that Mr. McMahon dared speak of “the best” in the company without mentioning his name, took The Chairman to task for his supposedly underappreciative attitude, for attempting to vilify him while he carried the standard of WWE around his waist. “I’m the best you have!” Punk roared in Mr. McMahon’s face, but The Chairman would not be moved. He attempted to take Punk down a notch, comparing him unfavorably to legends like Bret Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Instead of humbling Punk, however, the opposite occurred. Incensed by Mr. McMahon’s comments, Punk vilified The Rattlesnake and finally got to his point: that it was a “slap in the face” when Mr. McMahon failed to mention Punk as one of his best Superstars. “You’ve been slapping me in the face for years,” The Second City Saint seethed, before rearing back and open-palm slapping The Chairman across his face. With The Boss prone on the mat, Punk knelt down and delivered the kicker: “And now that’s a slap in your face.”

While The Second City Saint preened his way back up the ramp, The Chairman got to his feet and got to business: He should fire Punk, but wouldn’t … provided the WWE Champion met him one-on-one in the ring later that night. And by the time the night is over, The Boss vowed, CM Punk would learn something about respect.

At the top of the ramp, Paul Heyman attempted to dissuade his “guy” from taking The Boss’s bait, but The Voice of the Voiceless would have none of it. “We have him right where we want him,” said Punk.
WWE Champion CM Punk fought Mr. McMahon until Ryback interrupted; The Chairman gave Punk an ultimatum for Hell in a Cell



As it turned out, CM Punk vs. Mr. McMahon wasn’t much of a match, as the bell never rang to signal the beginning of the contest. That said, it was one undeniably epic fight.

The brutality began early, when Punk attacked The Chairman from behind before he could even take to the ring. The Second City Saint showed no mercy in the man he once considered his chief tormentor, battering The Boss about the ring before Mr. McMahon began to show signs of life. The Chairman gave as good as he got, pummeling Punk on the outside and even catching some air as he leaped over the announce table to pounce on The Second City Saint while he lied prone amid the announce chairs. Mr. McMahon’s acquisition of a kendo stick from beneath the ring sent Punk scurrying. But when The Chairman laid hands on Punk’s beloved WWE Title (decking Heyman to get it in the process) and dared him to come and get it, The Voice of the Voiceless was left with no choice but to retaliate.

And retaliate he did. Once Punk got his hands on a kendo stick of his own, he went mano-a-mano with The Chairman, and an expert possum play led to a low blow that left Mr. McMahon sprawled across the ring. After dishing another battering with the two kendo sticks, Punk finally hauled The Chairman up for the Go to Sleep, and it seemed there were very few words from anyone that could have stopped the onslaught at that point.

And then, right on cue, two of them erupted through the loudspeakers:


For the third time, Ryback made a beeline for the WWE Champion and, with an assist from John Cena, this time “Big Hungry” hit paydirt, cutting The Second City Saint down with a clothesline before lifting Punk into the air for Shell Shocked … until Punk squirmed off Ryback’s grip and, in a strange repeat from his infamous exit at Money in the Bank, exited through the crowd.

McMahon, down but not out, got to his feet, grabbed the mic and presented Punk with an ultimatum: At Hell in a Cell, he would either face John Cena or Ryback. And if the champion hadn’t made up his mind in seven days … well, The Chairman would make it for him.

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  1. Umm.. I could make this REEEAL long but, I’ll make it simple the opening segment with john cena was a WAIST OF TIME! BORING! I was hoping cm punk would’ve came out and broken the ice and start to entertain us cuz cena wasnt doing NOTHIN. Then well we all knew vince mcmahon was gonna come out to address the wwe universe but, I was surprised yet very happy that cm punk came out to FINALLY entertain me. When vince set up the match cm punk vs.Vince mcmahon I was in anticipation mode the rest of the nite I couldnt wait. Then when the match started & punk came out to ambush vince I was ready for this. The match was going great up until not really when ryback came out but, when the coorporate ASS kisser john cena yeah thats wat I call him came out FOR NO REASON BY THE WAY and practically just thru punk back into the ring like punk was nothin. When john cena kept showing up it was a complete joke. I love watch’n cm punk ALOOOTTT! ITS CLOBERING TIME! Btw cm punk kills it on the mic.

  2. I must say, I’m a ride or die Punk fan. Although there are plenty great wrestlers within the WWE, Punk I admire far more. He demands respect, and dammit he gets it. Clearly there are issues with other wrestlers as well, but I’ve seen this man fight for years. Fight fight fight. He demands the respect that he wants, rather than asking for it. And I continuously see him fight. Saying Punk has talent would be the understatement of the century. Punk has heart. He has spirit and he has culture. That’s something none of those intolerable idiots could take from him. In my eyes, Phil IS the best in the world!

  3. I finally got around to watching Raw. I’ll have to say that I won’t again.
    This is what WWE thinks people will want to watch? The most interesting personality that they’ve had in years being booked as physically weaker and less tough than a 67 year-old man?
    And why again is McMahon the hero here and Punk the villain? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the whole thing start with Punk being a hero for speaking up against the “establishment”? Now people who speak up are villains? Can’t Vince and HHH and WWE let their egos go for the sake of a good story?
    I love Punk, but I’m done watching WWE. I hung on as long as I could the last few years, but it ain’t changing, and it sucks, and I’m tired of all of the cartoon characters. WWE is in the same creative hole they were in before WCW started kicking them in the teeth. Except there isn’t anyone to kick them this time. No competition= a stale product made for 10 year-olds that’s gotten old and boring real quick.

  4. I understand that everybody is entitled to their opinion & while I agree that turning a ‘good guy’ that one being cm punk into a now villan and putting a young vibrant 30 something yr.old guy up against a middle aged 67 yr.old who can’t possibly wrestle anymore is the CRAZIEST and by far the STUPIDIEST thing the wwe officals came up with but, just becuz u watch ONE episode u choose to make it ur last time? Wow! With the lack of the women’s division and the twisted and messed up tag-team division and the upsurd stupid & boring & the less entertaining storylines they got going rite now this is as good of entertainment as we are gonna get. I’ve seen & I’ve heard some of the worse and some of the crazier storylines from the past, much like the storylines we have now. But, that doesnt mean I stopped watching after one episode. Its entertainment wat did u expect. Oh and I agree with u on the fact that u mentioned that people who speak their minds or just plain speak up are now concidered villans? Thats like saying we dont have a rite to have an opinion. Cm punk has become my hero my inspiration my idol for doing just that and Im not gonna stop doing it. This is supposed to be a free country.

  5. this website cool but u still wack gee … u a bum you have no respect for the WWE soo why should we respect you && for what thou ? && If You were the best in the world why did rhyback simply destory you on monday night raw ? awe !? thought sooo u erk me so bad u cant even wrestle foreal foreal ….. # SWERVE !

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