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The Miz quit Team Punk

Anarchy hit the U.K. before Raw even began, when Team Punk collapsed in on itself with a coup d’état writ small as The Miz aired his grievances to Paul Heyman in the locker room area. “What kind of team leader abandons his team?” The Awesome One seethed in response to what transpired last week on Raw. But even though Heyman attempted to placate the former WWE  Champion by commanding he fall in line behind The Voice of the Voiceless.
Wade Barrett agreed to join Team Punk

Following The Miz’s resignation, Team Punk found itself one man short, so it fell to Paul Heyman to seek out a suitable replacement for The Awesome One at WWE’s fall classic. And who better to go to than the local boy himself, Wade Barrett?

Only the bare-knuckle champion wasn’t biting, and turned down the mad scientist’s offer before reconsidering on under one condition: “You owe me.” An elated Heyman agreed to Barrett’s terms before the rough-and-tumble fighter added one more caveat: “I want that in writing.”

Mr. McMahon suggested forced Vickie Guerrero to make a Triple Threat WWE Title Match at Survivor Series

McMahon next brought out Vickie Guerrero herself and did a little on-the-spot rejiggering of the Survivor Series main event. Why, The Chairman asked Vickie, should CM Punk be able to hide behind scores of other Superstars in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match without having to defend his title? Why not defend his title against two men who deserved an opportunity at the prize — the Superstar who got screwed at Hell in a Cell and the Superstar who fought Punk to a tie at Night of Champions?

Safe to say Vickie didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. With The Chairman breathing down her neck, the Managing Supervisor of Raw made it official with a strained smile on her face: CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship
Dolph Ziggler was named a team captain at Survivor Series; Vickie Guerrero declared CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler would face John Cena & Ryback

Let’s call it a mixed couple of moments for Mr. Money in the Bank, who went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows within the span of a few minutes at the hands of Vickie Guerrero and Mr. McMahon.

First came the good news: With Punk deposed as team captain at Survivor Series, Ziggler would be taking over The Second City Saint’s seat of power and head the newly christened “Team Ziggler” at WWE’s fall classic. This development brought out Punk, who railed against The Chairman’s temerity to rob him of his team and force him into a Triple Threat Match against Cena and Ryback.

While Punk cried conspiracy (Ziggler demurred), Vickie delivered the kicker of her meeting with The Chairman: Mr. McMahon decreed that later, Punk & Ziggler would unite against the first-time teaming John Cena & Ryback. Suffice it to say, Vickie was the only one who tried to see the upside of this situation.

John Cena & Ryback def. WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

We’re not saying CM Punk has the gift of prophecy, but it’s fair to say his and Dolph Ziggler’s tag team contest against John Cena and Ryback was about as rough as they both expected it was going to be. Still, Punk wasn’t about to let such a match go by without getting his two cents in. The Voice of the Voiceless grabbed a microphone before the opening bell, lauding the length of his reign (351 days and counting) and promising to leave Survivor Series as the reigning WWE Champion, confirmed as The Best in the World.

The time for talk ended rather abruptly, though, when Cena and Ryback hit the ring for their first-ever (and potentially last-ever) teaming.

Cena and Punk started things off, resuming their long-running rivalry with a dead-even sequence of mat wrestling before Punk tagged in Ziggler, whose technical acumen wasn’t enough to keep the Cenation leader at bay. But after a brief return by Punk to soften Cena up, Ziggler found his groove. Mr. Money in the Bank re-entered the match with gusto, unleashing a seemingly endless sequence of elbow drops on Cena’s prone torso. The attack opened the door for Punk to tag back in and pummel Cena with a set of kicks and knees that brought The Second City Saint within a hair’s breadth of triumph. Cena quickly turned the tables with a last-ditch Attitude Adjustment on Punk, but a quick tag to Ziggler prevented the Cenation leader from summoning Ryback. The momentum, however tentatively, stayed in the corner of Punk & The Showoff.

Punk kept the attack going, trapping Cena in a triangle hold and alternating with Ziggler in an attempt to isolate the 10-time WWE Champion from his monstrous partner. Still, they don’t call Ziggler The Showoff for nothing, as his failed attempt at an overly flashy dropkick forced him to tag in Punk just as Cena reached Ryback and brought the beast into the match.

The Second City Saint did not last long after Ryback entered the fray, as the beast pulverized both Punk and Ziggler before pinning The WWE Champion with Shell Shocked. Once Punk writhed out of the ring, though, the WWE Universe was treated to a strange, ominous scene. As Cena entered the ring, ostensibly to celebrate, Ryback locked eyes with the Cenation leader and began to bellow “FEED ME MORE!!!” with the WWE Universe chanting in unison.

The message, it seemed, was clear: There’s room on Ryback’s menu for more than just CM Punk.

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  1. The creative decisions here are f#$$ing inexplicable. I do want to thank CM Punk though, a guy who at one point I thought was being screwed over with all of the horrible writing and booking for the last few long months—probably because I didn’t want to believe that he’d sell the credibility he’d built up as a performer and character this cheaply..
    He had a statement I read that the people who complain the most about the quality of the programming are the ones who watch the most. I had to chew that one over, because I didn’t want that to be me. For one, it sucks to be a hypocrite—for two, it sucks to really be dissatisfied with the overall quality of the programming and to be so powerless that you come off as a P.T. Barhum-like sucker—that is never happy with the crappy product, but comes and consumes it anyway. It’s degrading.
    So thanks to Punk for pointing that out. I cannot properly express the freedom I feel that I am no longer watching any WWE programming. It sucks, and it has come to suck so bad that it is not entertaining in any way. It’s kind of bittersweet, because I’ve loved wrestling all of my life—-but you have to know when it’s over. Maybe I’ll try TNA, because I haven’t lately—but the last time I checked them out, they sucked too. Wrestling just hasn’t stepped up to find its relevancy and the kinds of creative decisions it needs in the 21st century. So be it. The food sucks, and I’m getting sick, so I’m leaving the table. But I do remember when this place had some good eats.

  2. I grew up watching wrestling since I was 16 yrs.old and in my opinion wwe raw or wwe smackdown is the ONLY things to watch thats acttually entertaining anymore! I think people expect too much when it comes to wat we want to watch on tv. I love watching wwe monday nite raw and not just becuz I grew up watching it but, its part of my life. I started watching it becuz of my late father. He was a fan of it so I guess my dad passed the torch down to me to continue to watch it. I feel like if I dont it wont feel rite. And the BEST parts about monday nite raw is definately 100% CM PUNK. He changed wat wwe was to wat wwe should be. We have the all-time greatest wwe champion ever who represents the title with class. Cm punk is doing wat he wants to do cuz he can. If nobody seems to want punk as champion well, than thats just tuff. Deal with it. This triple thrdat match between cm punk vs. Ryback vs. John cena is a freakn joke. This wil be wat cena’s 7th chance?! And ryback shouldnt be fighting punk @ ss he should be fighting brad maddox the guy who actually screwed ryback over @ HITC. It should be team foley vs. Team punk instead @ ss. The only reason vince changed the card @ the last minute is becuz he didnt believe brad maddox story as to who was behind the low-blow to ryback. So vince once again screws over cm punk. And Im betting that john cena probably kissed mcmahon’s ass to get that title shot. That doesnt surprise me @ all. Cm punk will still be champion though after ss. Come hell or high water.

  3. Ahhh….sarah’s back. Just a question—you really believe that “we expect too much from what we watch on T.V.?” (sorry, had to correct the spelling there).
    Television shows like Raw or Smackdown are products that are supposed to be attractive to consumers to want to spend their time on. The idea that we expect too much and should just vegetate and watch what comes with no criticism or thought is not only ridiculous—but also indicative of a mean fascist shift in our modern culture. You are nothing, we are told—you are a mindless consumer—and you will eat and buy and watch everything that you are TOLD to. This is not only sick, but also pathetic in terms of “consumers” who willingly oblige.
    “roger k.” has made a valid point and I applaud him for taking a stand. If “The Walking Dead” sucked, I’m sure AMC wouldn’t expect anyone to watch it. “Arrested Devlelopment” was canceled, but there was a hardcore of fans who fought for it because they found it entertaining. We could go on. The problem is that WWE is the only viable and well-financed provider of pro wrestling content, so the feeling seems to be that we must watch or have nothing at all. What people like “roger k.” have noticed however is that what WWE is giving us is not up to par. The only way that this changes is if people do indeed stop consuming the product. Back when WCW and other competitors were around, people left and went there, and WWE, (then F), saw the ratings and attendance sink, and knew that something had to be done. Now that there are no competitors and most fans stupidly and blindly keep watching even though every one knows in his or her heart that it sucks—there is no message to keep McMahon and his family on their toes.
    The WWE product is rightly determined by what the fans want to see. Unfortunately it’s not anymore, because the fans and the company have become complacent.
    In that context—I am joining “roger k.” in the fan walk-out of WWE. It’s the only thing I can think of, as a fan, that can restore nationally televised pro wrestling to a quality product. And he’s right—the decision does feel good—because I’ve taken back my power as a consumer. I’m not going to be told to shut up and watch crap. Because I don’t have to. The only power that WWE holds is a false and paper-thin claim that I have to watch. I don’t. And I’m not going to anymore.
    And “sarah”—Punk has become part of the problem. He sucks now—and McMahon isn’t screwing him anymore—Punk is just going right along with it, and it isn’t entertaining, compelling or interesting. He doesn’t really give a crap about anything but being paid, and if he cared about you or any of the audience or the quality of the overall product, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s been doing for the last few months. He’s playing a stupidly concieved heel in an unconvincing and irrelevent story with boring and two-dimensional opponents. So screw him, he’s not getting my money or my time anymore. Or roger k.’s obviously, and because it’s a big, big world—I would bet at least a few hundreds of thousands and growing are not giving their money or time anymore either. Good. Maybe when the business is in the bottom of the toilet in a couple of years, then WWE will listen.
    Stop being a shill. CM Punk has become the mermaid in a P.T. Barnum show, (sorry roger k.–but I have to correct your spelling too), and only suckers enter to pay their cash and spend their precious free time there.

  4. I guess I can not write an opinion without being critizied by grumpy old foible. If u expect me to believe that cm punk doesnt care about us or the audience watching him every monday nite ur sadly mistaken. And u would have to completely BLIND and IDIOTIC think that cm punk sucks. Are u freakn kidding me?! Wat planet are u from? Appearently ur version of entertainment is WAAAAAAAY is different than mine. Just so we are clear if cm punk was doing this just for the green backs (that means dollar bills) he wouldnt care about his fans or doing wat he loves to do. The problem is some people dont know wat real entertainment is. And if u dont care about wwe anymore then y are critizing every coment I choose to make. I LOVE watching wrestling. Its my entertainment. Its my outlet in life. If ur going to judge or critize something thats been apart of my life that I grew up watching becuz of my dad and that u dont care to watch anymore than DONT go on this website. Plain and simple. Oh and for the record yes, cm punk did agree to play the heel but, he loves doing wat he is doing. It would be very selfish of punk to be doing this just for the money. He worked so hard to get to where he is today. He came from nothing had nothing worked his ass off and now he is successful becuz wrestling is wat he always wanted. Its selfish of u foible to judge somebody just becuz U think they’re only doing it for the money when they are doing it for the wrestling. Its there passion. They live for wrestling. Unless u understand how they feel or where they are coming from dont judge. Its entertainment for a reason. And I would pay money to go and see perform becuz not only do I understand where they are coming from but, I understand they’re passion and desire for wrestling. Its cool, awsome and so much fun to watch. I love it. My dad loved it. And I respect that 100%.

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  6. cm punk is the worlds best cheat cant finish a match without paying some1 off u stink u will never b the best in the world u cheat to much for that grow some balls an finish a match the rite way u cheater i paid good money to watch u wrestle an u cheated like always u should pay everybody there money back for your cheatin ass ways u stink u got the money 2 pay people off u should pay every1 back 4 the disapointment u cheater the worst n the world

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