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Daniel Bryan is not a happy camper. The irate submission specialist showed the crowd photos of his WWE Over the Limit match against CM Punk, alleging that Punk tapped out to the “Yes!” Lock before the WWE Champion notched the pinfall. The Straight Edge Superstar retorted that the count of 1-2-3 obviously happened first, which makes any submission afterward irrelevant. To be fair, as announcer Michael Cole pointed out, Bryan still proved to the WWE Universe that he could make the WWE Champion tap out.

The Second City Savior then revealed that Bryan’s next opponent would be none other than Kane! With Punk dishing out some running commentary, Bryan did his best to wear down The Big Red Monster. But as Bryan daringly attacked Kane on the outside, Punk got up from his commentary seat, and it looked as if The Straight Edge Superstar was going to hit Kane with a steel chair. When Bryan grabbed the chair from Punk, though, Kane recovered and turned the tables on his opponent, whacking Bryan in the back with the chair multiple times as Punk reveled in his mischief.

After the ref called for the bell, Kane inflicted more punishment by driving the former World Heavyweight Champ into the mat with two massive chokeslams. Taking advantage of an opportunity to add insult to injury, Punk slipped into the ring and locked Bryan in an excruciating Anaconda Vise.

Both Bryan and Punk are definitely playing with fire by using Kane’s fury as a weapon against each other, first on SmackDown and now on Raw.

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  1. These days, enjoy your glory days omitted and the brightest Avatar you will stay the length of time you like what you are champion

  2. cm punk,s win in over the limit 1,2,3 after punk tap out to yes lock cm punk is true and hard worker champion and he is BITW

  3. I enjoy Punk’s commentary. I think he should do this kinda thing more often on raw. Very entertaining!

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