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CM Punk walked out on the WWE Universe


CM Punk has often said that he can work wonders with the microphone, but a WWE Universe that was expecting a scathing opus in The Second City Saint’s first address since WrestleMania 29 were left with a whimper instead … and a cryptic one at that.

A visibly exhausted Punk had barely begun to speak on his loss to The Undertaker when he stopped mid-sentence, wearily looked around and cut his speech short by giving Paul Heyman an apologetic embrace. With that, the former WWE Champion handed off his sacred microphone and departed the stage, leaving the WWE Universe with more questions than answers as to what would come next. True to form, though, they were speechless in his wake.

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  1. cmpunk didnt walk out on the wwe universe, i know we all have questions the we would like to have anwsered but wrestle mania was a big loss for him and he probably feels like he let every one down so instead of hounding him for anwsers why dont we show him some support and so what he lost at wrestle mania hes still TBITW, im sure when he is ready he will anwser questions but for know let him breath and just show him how much we love him and respect him and he will come around avenutaly so next raw let him hear it show him how much we care XD

  2. oohhooo where did u going punk that it is same punk that saying always that he never going to leaving wwe. i know poor punk have no storyline . he is lost to the my hero rocky dont u forget punk and i know u never will be he cant beat the undertaker and he cant beat the rocky and now been these days he have no storyline so whats he gonna be do next so he just walks out. so much bad punk . o my god i laugh so hard on that.

  3. Hey rokiee chrissy is absolutely RIGHT. U still won’t let up will u? Cm punk deserves this break. He earned it. He put everything he had into the WM 29 match. He may have not won the match but, he still won the hearts of millions of fans. So show him some respect. Besides, the best part about WM 29 was that the rock LOST! Cm punk is taking a break to rest and refresh is mind and body. You rokiee will never understand wat a wwe superstar goes thru to put on a magical show like punk did. And much like wat chrissy said cm punk did not walk out of the wwe he was very very emotional for him to speak to the wwe fans. He thinks he let the wwe universe down I’d say he didn’t let me or anybody down. He gave his best and did watever he could to get the job done. He’ll always be a winner and the best in the world to me! Thank you chrissy. So, show cm punk some respect rokiee. #RESPECT!

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