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Paul Heyman confronted CM Punk


CM Punk knows better than most that actions speak louder than words, so it was hardly a surprise when The Straight Edge Superstar demanded that Paul Heyman present himself following Heyman’s betrayal at Money in the Bank. Bristling at Punk’s apparent notions of superiority since his return, Heyman indeed appeared and fessed up to his recent machinations in full. In fact, he did Punk one better, insinuating he turned his back on his friend because his first client – Brock Lesnar – was simply superior and would not fail him as Punk did at WrestleMania against The Undertaker.

The Beast cometh | Photos of the attack

Punk, of course, vowed to make Heyman pay, and was summarily repaid with pain when the mad scientist summoned Lesnar from the shadows and sicced the former UFC Champion on The Straight Edge Sueprstar. Punk valiantly rained elbows on The Anomaly’s head, but his heart wasn’t enough on this particular night when Brock unleashed a monstrous F-5 on the former WWE Champion, dropping him onto the announce table and leaving him to eat the concrete and his words in equal measure. Punk did made it to his feet once the dust had settled, but the damage had already been done.