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WWE Champion CM Punk revealed the official cover of the “WWE ’13” video game


Flanked by Eve and David Otunga, General Manager John Laurinaitis made a few announcements, including that the match between John Cena and Big Show at No Way Out will now take place in a steel cage, and that Brodus will indeed face Big Show on tonight’s Raw SuperShow. The GM then unveiled a fake cover of the “WWE ’13” video game, with none other than “Mr. Excitement” smiling from ear to ear on the front. (VIDEO)

As he’s prone to do, WWE Champion CM Punk interrupted Laurinaitis, stopping to place gum on the seat of Big Johnny’s “People Power” scooter on his way to the ring. Punk proceeded to share some choice words about Laurinaitis before revealing the real cover of the “WWE ’13” video game, with The Straight Edge Superstar gracing the awesome artwork. After Laurinaitis sputtered back up the ramp on his scooter, Punk drove his foot right through the fake cover.

Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion CM Punk in a Non-Title Match


Things are really starting to get interesting between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and we’re not even talking about the stellar action in the ring. Punk and Bryan hammered away at each other in this back-and-forth contest with kicks, submissions and high-risk maneuvers. Midway through the match, though, Bryan’s ex-girlfriend AJ came out to the ring wearing Punk’s official merchandise (T-shirt and wristbands) and began to cheer on The Straight Edge Superstar. (VIDEO)

After Bryan took advantage by wrenching Punk’s left arm repeatedly, Punk found a second wind and mounted a rally, but the submission specialist seized the momentum again by nailing a punishing superplex. Bryan then took one of the turnbuckle covers off and AJ scrambled to tell the referee that Bryan was trying to cheat. As The Second City Savior shot AJ a disapproving glare, Bryan used the extra time to recover, planted Punk into the exposed turnbuckle and pinned the WWE Champion in the Non-Title Match.

Following the exhausting battle, Kane snuck up on Bryan, drove a steel chair into his back and chokeslammed him onto it, getting payback for Bryan’s relentless assault on last week’s SmackDown. Kane prepared to go after Punk next, but AJ came to The Straight Edge Superstar’s rescue and slid him a steel chair so he could defend himself. Punk laid into The Big Red Machine with blow after blow of the steel chair as AJ watched and smiled. Perhaps having AJ as his adoring fan has its benefits after all.

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  1. It’s funny that Punk let his seat on the plane go to a cat. Because he looks like the cat that ate the canary in that photo. Hilarious Segment. You know when people say they have the face of radio. CM Punk is the face of Good Entertainment. He has a bright outlook after his wrestling days are over but I hope he has a few more years in the ring. I expect him to be the youngest inductee to the Hall of Fame with the most Championships, and the best record…I am just thinking out loud. I thoroughly enjoy watching Punk’s segments on WWE. I wish him a spectacular future in whatever he chooses to do.

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