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Kane def. WWE Champion CM Punk in a Non-Title Match


After WWE Champion CM Punk made his entrance, Daniel Bryan came out for a little question and answer time, with Bryan supplying “Yes!” responses to inquiries like “Am I going to be the WWE Champion in the Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?” Bryan then took a seat ringside to watch the battle between his two No Way Out opponents. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Punk quickly took his match against Kane to the outside before going high risk with a double axe handle and a flying crossbody. The Big Red Monster replied by delivering kicks to Punk’s midsection and dropped multiple splashes on him using the full force of his weight.

Kane tried to climb to the top rope, but Punk rocked The Big Red Machine with a running knee to the chin and followed with a bulldog and a clothesline off the top rope. None of it could keep Kane down for good. The Devil’s Favorite Demon even kicked out following a flying elbow drop from Punk.

With both Superstars down on the canvas and weary, AJ ran out and jumped on to the apron. As Bryan berated AJ for trying to interfere, Punk leapt onto the submission specialist, and was promptly caught by a decisive chokeslam by Kane when he got back in the ring. While AJ tended to the defeated WWE Champion, The Big Red Monster turned his gaze to the Diva. Surprisingly, Bryan entered the ring to stop Kane from potentially harming AJ. After Kane tossed Bryan out of the ring, he locked eyes with AJ, which elicited a twisted smile from The Geek Goddess.

Does Bryan still have a soft spot for AJ? And why was AJ smiling when The Big Red Machine stared her down?

Backstage, when questioned about the intriguing look she gave Kane, AJ told Josh Mathews that she likes it “when men look at her” during an odd exchange that made the commentator very uncomfortable. (VIDEO)