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WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane confronted each other about No Way Out
After WWE Champion CM Punk called Daniel Bryan a “goat-faced” moron and vowed to put him to sleep at No Way Out, The Big Red Monster Kane emerged to declare that he will leave Sunday with the WWE Championship. As the three foes stood toe-to-toe in the ring, AJ came rushing in to add her two cents. “I know the best man will win,” she said. Afterward, John Laurinaitis declared Daniel Bryan & Kane would face Punk & AJ later in the night. (PHOTOS)

WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

WWE Champion CM Punk & AJ def. Daniel Bryan & Kane

In a unique encounter, AJ found herself in the middle of the action between the three Superstars who will battle in a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out (PREVIEW). In a stunning move, she threw herself at Kane during the bout and planted long, sensual kiss on The Big Red Monster. After the salacious maneuver, Punk took down Bryan with a flying elbow. After this latest twist, what will happen Sunday?

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  1. All I can say is; we can cheer as fans and let CM Punk does what he has done for the last 200 plus days – win his matches and retain his title. I have great confidence in him. My hope is that his reign as WWE Champ breaksall time records. He (CM Punk) may not believe it possible but I believe he can do it. But whether he wins or loses, he has a fan here. He has a future that will take him far.

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