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AJ Lee allowed the WWE Universe to pick WWE Champion CM Punk’s opponent for Raw
Raw General Manager AJ Lee kicked off the night by announcing two big matches for Raw: Randy Orton vs. Big Show and John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan. As she was about to announce another match, WWE Champion CM Punk’s music blared and The Straight Edge Superstar came out to the ring to apologize for letting the emotions get the better of him when he angrily confronted AJ last week on Raw. After the Raw GM accepted his apology, Punk told AJ she made a mistake by putting him a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam and urged her to cancel the bout against Cena and Big Show, but the Raw GM refused to comply. The WWE Champion accused AJ of just trying to get back at him for when he rejected her marriage proposal in front of the whole WWE Universe. (PHOTOS)

Before Punk could plead further, John Cena interrupted The Second City Savior and called him out for turning into someone who demands respect instead of just commanding it. Punk fired back at the Cenation leader, telling Cena that he deserves the right to complain about being disrespected. After Punk and Cena exchanged some more harsh words, Big Show tried to enter the fray, but AJ stopped him dead in his tracks and said she wasn’t going to let things get out of hand on her show. The Raw GM told Cena and Big Show they have matches to get ready for, and then revealed Punk also has a match of his own tonight — against an opponent of the WWE Universe’s choosing from the following choices: Rey Mysterio, Kane or The Miz. AJ has quickly proven that she’s not afraid to embrace the power of RAWactive now that she’s in charge.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio in a Non-Title Match (RAWactive Match)

Forty-seven percent of the WWE Universe voted for Rey Mysterio to face CM Punk, and The Ultimate Underdog didn’t let his faithful followers down in a fierce back-and-forth battle in the first match of the night. The Straight Edge Superstar used his size advantage early on to punish Mysterio, unleashing a flurry of kicks and dropping him with a thunderous superplex. Mysterio rallied back with his high-flying arsenal, however, hitting Punk with a seated senton off the top ropes, and sent the WWE Champion tumbling with a 619 right on the money. But when Mysterio went for a big splash off the top rope, Punk lifted his knees into Rey’s gut and drilled him with a Go to Sleep for the victory. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Members of the WWE Universe didn’t listen to Daniel Bryan when he demanded they stop chanting “Yes!” Instead, the crowd only seemed to shout it louder as the extremely aggravated Superstar faced John Cena one-on-one for the first time on Raw. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)


The Cenation leader grounded Bryan early on, but the submission specialist quickly turned the tables when Cena pursued him outside the ring. After landing a swift flying knee off the ring apron to Cena’s face, Bryan continued to whip his opponent’s midsection with hard kicks. Cena rallied back and appeared set to hit an Attitude Adjustment, but the resourceful Bryan slid off the Cenation leader’s broad shoulders and locked in a guillotine chokehold with leg scissors.

After wearing Cena down with the submission maneuver, Bryan took to the air with a flying headbutt off the top rope and laced Cena’s midsection with more vicious kicks. Remarkably, Cena rose back to his feet and locked in the STF, which Bryan reversed into the “No!” Lock. Refusing to submit, Cena powered out of the hold and sent Bryan crashing to the canvas with an AA to secure the thrilling win.

CM Punk was quick to spoil Cena’s celebration, as he came out to the ring and held the WWE Championship above his head. Suddenly, Big Show rushed to the ring, but Cena saw him coming and shoved Punk out of the way. As Cena and The World’s Largest Athlete tangled, Punk hit Big Show from behind, sending both men tumbling to the mat. The Straight Edge Superstar then turned his attention to the announce table, grabbing a headset and letting loose on Jerry “The King” Lawler again with a bitter tirade describing how this Raw would end the same way the last two did — with The Voice of the Voiceless standing tall and clutching his WWE Title.

Punk returned to the ring and moved to strike Big Show with a roundhouse kick to the head, but The World’s Largest Athlete recovered and floored Punk with a WMD, then walloped Cena with a second knockout punch. With Punk’s title now hanging over his shoulder, it was the mammoth Big Show — not the WWE Champion — who was standing tall as Raw went off the air this time. 

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