Raw Results: As You Like It


The WWE Universe chose CM Punk, to face WWE Champion John Cena in tonight’s main event. Although Cena was gaining the upper hand against the masked leader of the Straight Edge Society, the match was cut short when last season’s NXT Rookies – led by season one winner Wade Barrett – charged the ring and laid waste to everything and everyone in sight.

12 Comments on “Raw Results: As You Like It”

  1. Long story short: I enjoy watching CM Punk.

    With that said, I hope those NXT guys haven’t hurt his chances of winning at Fatal Fourway. New WHC!

  2. I watched RAW live with people from the UK and they were like: ”Oh no, lamest RAW I have ever seen so far, apart from 2/3 decent matches, the rest was just filling up the time with stupidity.” The A-team? Yeah…….and the end? What was that? Cena & Co. had to take all the bruises for OUR entertainment? Yeah….I think I’m not stupid enough to understand this kind of entertainment. 😀 AND Punk with his stupid mask again? I wish Donald Trump would have kept RAW.

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