Raw Results – August 13th


When Brock Lesnar warned Shawn Michaels that he’d see him before SummerSlam, no one ever imagined the kind of punishment Brock had in store for The Showstopper. What did Lesnar do to the WWE Hall of Famer to leave Triple H utterly enraged? Also, why did WWE Champion CM Punk feel he was disrespected again — this time by John Cena — days before they clash in a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam? (WATCH RAW HIGHLIGHTS)

Big Show def. WWE Champion CM Punk via Disqualification in a Non-Title Match
Big Show manhandled the WWE Champion in the early going as CM Punk tried to stop the onslaught with sharp kicks to the midsection. The World’s Largest Athlete took advantage of his massive strength and repeatedly planted Punk back down to the canvas. Almost toying with The Straight Edge Superstar, Big Show used his full weight to step on top of Punk while he lied face down on the canvas.(PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Punk seemed to weaken The World’s Largest Athlete when he drilled him with a running knee in the corner, but Big Show responded with a crushing spear out of nowhere. Just then, Daniel Bryan came out to express his anger over not being in the Triple Threat Match to Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole at the announce booth. As the action continued, Bryan entered the ring and wrapped the painful “No!” Lock on The Second City Savior. More chaos ensued as John Cena rushed out and cleared the ring of both Big Show and Bryan.

Raw General Manager AJ Lee skipped out to the ring with a big surprise for all four Superstars: Bryan and Big Show will team up to face Punk and Cena later tonight!

WWE Champion CM Punk & John Cena def. Big Show and Daniel Bryan

At the start of the match, Daniel Bryan was resistant to tagging in Big Show, shouting “No! No! No!” at him when The World’s Largest Athlete wanted to
enter the match. Once he was tagged in, Big Show quickly proved to be the most dominant Superstar in the contest. With turnbuckle splashes, clotheslines and a crushing bear hug, Big Show squeezed the energy out of John Cena. However, Bryan was unimpressed and tagged himself into the match. After briefly losing momentum, the team of Bryan & Big Show regained their edge behind the power of The World’s Largest Athlete as CM Punk found himself trapped in the bear hug as well.

Bryan refused to let Big Show to assert his dominance for long. The submission specialist tagged himself back into the matchup, prompting Big Show to back out of the contest and watch as a bystander from the outside. Bryan laced Punk with sharp kicks to the midsection, but soon found himself reeling as the WWE Champion furiously rallied back. The Straight Edge Superstar proceeded to mimic Cena’s signature maneuvers before the Cenation leader tagged himself in right as Punk was about to hit the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Cena returned the favor by imitating Punk’s high knee and running bulldog combination on Bryan, which appeared to upset The Voice of the Voiceless as he walked back up the entrance way. As Cena exchanged words with Punk, Bryan tried to surprise the Cenation leader, but Cena planted the former World Heavyweight Champion with a big Attitude Adjustment to win the match.

Afterward, Punk nailed Big Show with the WWE Championship right as The World’s Largest Athlete attempted a sneak attack on Cena. Instead of attacking Cena as well, Punk extended his right hand to him, but the Cenation leader refused to shake it. Disgusted, Punk pulled his hand back and walked back up the entrance way. Backstage, The Second City Savior told Josh Mathews that Cena’s refusal to shake his hand was “the ultimate sign of disrespect” and vowed to teach the entire WWE Universe something about respect at SummerSlam.