Raw Results: Mix & matches


CM Punk, still clinging to his greasy locks, had narrowly escaped the follicular homicide at Extreme Rules with an underhanded assist when Serena, Luke Gallows and a masked mystery man helped him defeat Rey Mysterio. During Raw, the holier-than-thou leader employed his followers again, including the mystery man, in his fervent attempt to down Evan “Air” Bourne and give SmackDown another pick in the Draft. For their second pick in the Draft, the blue brand selected Big Show.

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  1. Man,Evan Bourne is not that good of a fighter.Anyhoo,I’m glad that SD has the Big Show and so many other superstars from RAW.That would give CM Punk more people to feud with.Can’t wait to see him feud with Christian or someone like that.

  2. wait, why are they saying greasy locks…this is punk’s site, it should be pro-punk.

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