Raw Results – November 26th


Ryback def. Titus O’Neil and demanded a rematch with WWE Champion CM Punk

Titus O’Neil probably felt like less than millions of dollars after Raw rolled into Lafayette, La., when the mouthy big dog of The Prime Time Players met the same ignominious fate as his other half Darren Young did last Friday on SmackDown at the hands of Ryback. “The Big Deal” came out swinging in the Cajundome in the pursuit of retribution against the ravenous Superstar, but things went pear-shaped for Titus relatively quickly when Ryback tossed the big man outside the ropes, decking him with a clothesline while Titus called for a timeout.

The tag-team standout found enough strength to pound Ryback with Clash of the Titus sit-down powerbomb, but even O’Neil’s powerful signature move wasn’t enough to finish the job. Ryback kicked out after only a count of one, thwarting Titus’ second attempt at the maneuver before executing the Meathook Clothesline and following up with Shell Shocked to seal the victory.

But having dispatched both Prime Time Players in a four-day span was apparently not enough. For the second time in two weeks, Ryback seized a microphone and made his intentions known. “Whether it’s one CM Punk, three outsiders dressed in black or all four of them together, I’m gonna stand here all damn night until I get what I want. FEED. ME. MORE!”

What Ryback got instead was a hearty helping of Cajundome security, which swarmed the ring and stood toe-to-toe with the monster. One unlucky guard, though, found himself forcibly removed when he had the temerity to mean-mug the monster. Ryback’s opposition withered significantly after that, but while he was spoiling for a fight, Vickie Guerrero wasn’t about to have Raw degenerate into chaos.

The Managing Supervisor took to the stage and, just as last week, attempted to reason with Ryback. “I am a very understanding person,” Vickie said, “and I know that you feel angry and embarrassed … however as Managing Supervisor of Raw, I am telling you that you will not be allowed to put your hands on security.”

But this time, Ryback would not be placated. The monster offered Vickie a deal: a WWE Title TLC Match at TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs against CM Punk … and severe consequences should Vickie deny him.

Back to the wall, Vickie had no choice but to acquiesce to Ryback’s demands, provided he leave the ring. His appetite temporarily satisfied and the match made, Ryback finally departed (though not before scaring security off for good measure) with eyes toward his biggest feast yet.

Michael Cole interviewed Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, aka “The Shield”



These are the facts, WWE Universe, as dictated to Michael Cole in a sit-down interview: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns are not working for CM Punk and Paul Heyman. They are not rogue Superstars looking to cause chaos. They are not The nWo reborn. What they are, apparently, is a shield. The Shield, in fact, a group of Superstars whose sole purpose is to protect justice in a WWE where principles have fallen by the wayside.

“We sat down in NXT and we saw things clearly. We saw things headed in the wrong direction,” Rollins said in the trio’s exclusive interview with Cole. “We stepped in and righted those wrongs.”

“It’s about right and wrong,” sneered Ambrose, who balked when Cole implied their actions were for the sole benefit of CM Punk. Punk, Ambrose rationalized, was forced to defend his WWE Title against two foes he’d already beaten, so “The Shield” stepped in. When Ryback attempted to ruin Punk’s 365-day celebration, they intervened as well.

“Three hundred and sixty-five days as champion in this era should mean something,” Ambrose said. “We’re not renegades, we’re not mercenaries. We’re not The Nexus … we’re about honor, we’re about principles. Where honor no longer exists, we will step in.”

Cole, for his part, continued with his attempts to pick through The Shield’s nebulous responses, but the threesome remained unbroken throughout each of Cole’s volleys. It was finally the intimidating Reigns, who had been silent the whole time, who brought the sit-down to its unceremonious halt. “We’ve said enough,” Reigns rumbled. “This interview is over.”

WWE Champion CM Punk def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane; The Shield attacked again



The WWE Universe spoke, and so it was that CM Punk, on the 372nd night of his WWE Title reign, found himself in hell once again. Renewing their rivalry from earlier this year, The Second City Saint and The Devil’s Favorite Demon collided in a RAWactive Match when Punk took on WWE Tag Team Champion Kane in a hard-hitting bout that shook the Cajundome to its core.

And while there was no romantic entanglement to motivate either man this time around, Punk and Kane both came out swinging, with The Second City Saint unleashing body shots on The Big Red Machine in an attempt to slow the Tag Team Champion down before he could get the ball rolling. Kane, for his part, adopted an unusually patient game plan, absorbing Punk’s attacks and retaliating with quick bursts while the champion preened for the crowd. Kane hit The Voice of the Voiceless with a barrage of chops in the corner before bouncing Punk off the ropes and booting him from the ring.

Punk switched up his style quickly after that, targeting Kane’s legs and lulling the demon into a false sense of security by playing possum, milking an injured knee to force Kane’s guard down. The strategy paid dividends when Punk executed a dive that left Kane reeling, following the attack by stomping on the monster’s legs and softening him up for a pair of running knees into the corner.

The third knee, however, didn’t go so great for him. Kane surged forward as Punk went for the trifecta, decking the champion with a chop to the face and flattening Punk with a sidewalk slam. Kane then set him up for the flying clothesline that so often precedes the Chokeslam.

But Punk was ready for Kane’s signature move, ducking under the demon’s gloved hand and countering with a swinging neckbreaker. Kane got the last word in, however, when he caught Punk in the middle of his own flying clothesline and finally planted the champion with the Chokeslam. With Punk down, Kane decided to seal the match with a statement and called for the Tombstone, but it wasn’t long before a trio of interlopers made themselves known. The Shield slowly materialized from the crowd, and their presence was enough to distract Kane for Punk to execute the Go to Sleep on The Big Red Monster. The Second City Saint quickly put the Tag Champion down and left him to the mercy of The Shield, who swarmed the ring and rained blows upon the prone Kane. Daniel Bryan suffered a similar fate when he ran to his partner’s aid, and just when it seemed like Punk would get off scot-free, Ryback returned for a piece of the action.

For once, though, his attentions were focused elsewhere than Punk because Ryback made a beeline for The Shield, planting Rollins with a powerbomb and cutting Ambrose and Reigns down with a pair of Meathook Clotheslines before Punk struck from behind. Ryback’s attempt to powerbomb the champ into oblivion proved fruitless when Reigns felled Ryback with a spear. With the beast vulnerable, The Shield ended their onslaught as they had the past two instances: a triple powerbomb that left Ryback limp on the mat, with Punk standing tall yet again over his TLC opponent. Whether he’ll be doing so again in three weeks’ time at Barclays Center remains to be seen.

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