Raw Results: Process of Elimination


William Shatner: Renaissance Man. The iconic thespian wears many hats in his life, and, in WWE, he slipped easily into his role as “Raw Match Negotiator.” When United States Champion The Miz & The Big Show whined about wanting to face DX for the Unified Tag Team Titles, they were not alone. CM Punk & Luke Gallows also craved an opportunity. Therefore, the brilliance that is Shatner arranged for the three teams to battle for the titles next Monday night in a Unified Tag Team Triple Threat Match.

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  1. Oooh interesting turn of events. I always thought that punknut had a kind of wise aura around him, although at one point i thought he was a girl, i got people mixed up. I hope that when he gets better and all that, he’ll drop by again. And we will all keep these comment pages going alright?!

  2. got a massage bandage wrapped round my head, ive had my ear fiddled about with way too much, yeuch….ill survive.

  3. I just have to say something I don’t get. Why did the writers just decide to make CM punk annoying, it’s like everyone loved him when he won MITB 2 years in a row then they decided to have everyone hate him. By having him annoy the WWE universe and by having him beat all the fan favorites. The same thing is happening with Batista I don’t get it why do they want these guys heels?

  4. Maybe because as heels they draw more people into the arenas and maybe they even act better as heels because acting as heels is more like their REAL LIFE character….just a thought.

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