Raw Results: Process of Elimination


William Shatner: Renaissance Man. The iconic thespian wears many hats in his life, and, in WWE, he slipped easily into his role as “Raw Match Negotiator.” When United States Champion The Miz & The Big Show whined about wanting to face DX for the Unified Tag Team Titles, they were not alone. CM Punk & Luke Gallows also craved an opportunity. Therefore, the brilliance that is Shatner arranged for the three teams to battle for the titles next Monday night in a Unified Tag Team Triple Threat Match.

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  1. I will say this again; CM Punk and Luke Gallows need to go over. They need to be displayed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Thursdays, Sundays, Jesus’s birthday, my birthday. Seriously.

  2. The straightedge society looked dark and dangerous and so good to see some talent on RAW, ie PUNK/GALLOWS/SERENA on an otherwise dreadful show. God its bad! Triple H’s match was helpless, did anyone else notice how quiet the crowd was during his match, they fell asleep! Shawn looked as though he was on the same trip the rest of the crowd was on. They missed a major gift with the original unified tag match being cancelled. Its so, like, dead now 🙁

  3. The question is not did anyone notice how bad this show was, but rather did anyone notice the distress flag presumably pitched at our punknut, i dont think I was imagining it, but it wouldnt surprise me if it was a hint for some help…..??? He has a knack for truth-telling albeit it in a ass-kicking sort of way. Am I crazy? 🙂

  4. Hi Jane,Judas, I thought I was imagining it too, the same thing crossed my mind when I saw the flag, not so subtle I have to say, it reminded me of 😀 kind of like the bat-signal 😀 sent out over Gotham City to the dark knight when things are in peril, well I have to say things at RAW are seriously grave, maybe they still get good ratings but its on its knees in every other way. Punknut you darkhorse, the good citizens of Gotham City need you. 😀

  5. That has been bugging me ever since I saw this shit show, why do we watch RAW ppl, regardless of the fact our guy CM Punk was on it this week, its god-awful. But I thought the same thing as you guys, were they asking punknut for a review? It sort of looked that way for me too, maybe we are all mad! Im not crazy however in saying Triple H’s match was appalling, the crowd was just not there at all. That was hard to watch. And I hate the Miz, cant help it, I seriously try to get that, but it just wont happen for me. 🙁

  6. So it wasnt just me ? 🙂

    The bat-signal, true and funny, you’d think they’d just email the guy wouldnt you? He did say he was using a friends computer, so crazy, I think Vince is a very proud and a hard man. With all his power and wealth, youd figure he’ would just buy the proper help and the solution. Was a waste of time for Punk, Luke and Serena to travel there for that shite, was stupid for me to watch it, poor Bret Hart 🙁

  7. Proud and stubborn more like it, but that is how he become a billionaire, his stubborn doggedness and self-righteousness. I like Vince, not that I know him of course, but at the same time I dont like him, bet im not the only one who feels that way. But that is probably what has made him successful, no-one would cross him would they? A person like that, in this world cannot fail.

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