Raw Results: Raw’s Pit Stomp


Shawn Michaels’ recent career crisis appears to have DX unraveling at the seams. HBK and Triple H joined forces in an effort to retain their Unified Tag Team Titles in a Triple Threat Elimination Match against United States Champion The Miz & Big Show and the Straight Edge Society. Michaels, however, seemed distracted by what can only be categorized as his obsession with a WrestleMania rematch against World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker.

After eliminating Luke Gallows, HBK focused on the remaining threat, Big Show & Miz. Rather than offer his usual sure-handed performance, though, Michaels crumpled, allowing his opponents to surmount his offense and capture the Unified Tag Team Titles

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  1. Its RAW, what do you do? SES was cool, we didnt win, fine, we dont go to RAW, their all scared of the criticism that comes from us if they dont provide quality wrestling against CM Punk, we know it, they know it,whatever! Grow some balls, take a risk, Cena did and it paid dividends for him round here. But having Mizboy visiting Smackdown is a pain not disimilar to an ass full of hemmeroids! Dont read these pages Miz, you wont like what we think about you, not unless you turn out some unknown wrestling prowess youve been hiding since you became a wrestler. πŸ™

  2. Aaaah fuck! Not him @Smackdown. πŸ™

    Punk was hell funny, poor Luke, that sucked, he is so much better than that, Serena, gorgous as ever.

  3. Id rather Luke lose than it be Punk, they spared us that at least, thankyou WWE for small mercies. Lets not forget, Punks cult members are really just banther fodder to him, I was ok with it, they could have humiliated Punk in lite of recent events on the comments page here, they didnt, tho I do think the older guard are a wee bit scared of us, probably mostly of punknut!, relax WWE i think hes gone back to punching holes in concete blocks and kicking down trees or whatever those UFC types do, well you have to expect that stuff coming from a hardass like him, im sure WWe understands, the primitive warrior is a different breed. I am a bit down about having to watch the Miz on SD each week tho πŸ™

    Positives, CM Punk does RAW only good. πŸ™‚

  4. It was a better week this week than what weve suffered previously. Punk is underated as a funny guy, he had me cacking! πŸ˜€

    But im with the others so far,

    Miz+ Smackdown = πŸ™

  5. Hi Powder Keg, I can do math too πŸ™‚

    WWE = Chickens!

    Miz = The patsy.

    I so love punknut πŸ™‚ Behind CM Punk, that man is my all-time hero. He put the H into Hardcore. I’d so love to know him. Roll on Smackdown and some real wrestling.

    Q; How is Bret Hart going to wrestle at WM when he’s a recovered stroke victim? That may be the last thing the Hitman ever does.

  6. I’m not goin’ to go into full detail about what I feel on Monday Night Raw. All I know is, I enjoy The Miz. I honestly do, he IS awesome. But it doesn’t make any logical sense, exluding D-Generation X, especailly Shawn, not enjoying the man, CM Punk.

    Like I said, not any details. I was frustrated after seeing this, I didn’t watch the rest of the match. I still am antsy and ticked, so I’ll just leave it be.

  7. so didn’t really expect Punk/Gallows to win, and admit they were treated better than I expected from Raw, but what the hell have big shlow and miz done to warrant getting the titles? All in all, until their elimation think it was a pretty good match. In fact, by Raw standards it was probably one of the best Raw matches in ages! lol πŸ™‚ I am quire supresed at DX losing the titles, but I guess that is something to do with a HBK/Undertaker resolution some whre donw the line. One think I did enjoy was seeing Serena get involved, she could be such an asset if used properly. Her image is so different to the other females in WWE, use her wisely and she will be excellent.
    Like most of you, not looking forward to Miz/Big show on SD, just really don’t find either of them entertaining to watch, lets hope Punk, Luke and Serena beat them good at some point.

  8. To ‘ThatEdgeyMan’- friend, you should say exactly what you are thinking, that is the point of making comments, you comment really well and I enjoy your your comments since you arrived, but dont hold back, being too politically correct and we will start thinking your a WWE plant, we’r all better [and more entertained] by a little honesty, we had a good teacher. I would REALLY like to know what you REALLY thought about Raw this week. And you have my respect for having the back of the Miz, I cant stand him, I dont get what you like about him, but if you see something in him then more power to you.

    For me, all I can say is that the WWE DID [as per the comments above] completely chicken out or be really stubborn and stupid in denying the fans the OBVIOUS joy of having a singles match HBK versis CM Punk! No kicking to write home about! Pathetic! What were they thinking, so easy to make that successful, so easy to give the fans some REAL match excitement, just futile and stupid with what they chose to do with CM Punk-SES/DX in the end. All the brains at the WWE and not one of them can generate a plan that would please fans. πŸ™

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