Raw Results: Straight Edge Society confronted Triple H


While no man is an island, Triple H certainly appeared adrift in unfamiliar waters when he opened Raw. The Superstar explained that, unlike the remainder of the red brand’s roster, he had remained stateside during Raw’s European tour. He explained that, due to the volcanic ash over Europe, air travel has been disrupted grounding most of his Raw brethren across the Atlantic.

The Game then went on to discuss his Street Fight against Sheamus this Sunday at Extreme Rules before he was rudely interrupted by The Straight Edge Society, including Luke Gallows, Serena and leader CM Punk. After Punk and Triple H exchanged words regarding Punk’s pay-per-view bout against Rey Mysterio, the preachy provocateur demanded that The King of Kings convert to Straight Edge. Triple H didn’t take too kindly to the proselytizing, and he and The S.E.S. came to blows. That’s when Mysterio joined the fray. The Biggest Little Man helped beat back The S.E.S. and, in a possible foreshadowing of their bout at Extreme Rules, managed to snip a lock of Punk’s hair in the process.

Just six days until Extreme Rules, a battalion of the pay-per-view’s competitors converged in a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting Rey Mysterio, Edge & Triple H against CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Luke Gallows. In the run-up to the highly anticipated Steel Cage Match, Edge faced down his former partner Jericho, who punished his rival by crushing his ankle. Punk also sent Mysterio a message in the lead up to their Extreme Rules contest.

The match’s conclusion, however, seemed fitting since it was Raw Superstar Triple H who led his team to victory by pinning SmackDown’s Straight Edge spiritual guide, CM Punk.

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  1. embarassing…well if thats what the album is about…well she has to say that. What it didn’t print was her saying she thought he was her soulmate and he thought otherwise. AWKWARD!

  2. Scottish:
    ur right that is awkward u kno i heard that he is cheating on her with lita

  3. Phil needs a shower a shave and a douch because he might of had sex with the bald chick and no i dont mean gallows.


  5. @Scottish, I don’t know, I’m not really the one to ask. I was not any better than Maria. lol I had my reasons to kiss and tell- but not in the papers. Maybe Maria has her reasons too. She gets publicity with this, she needs publicity to sell her music. Come to think of it, I guess it is any publicity. I get the feeling she feels betrayed by him but then maybe he has far more reasons to feel betrayed than her? He hasn’t gone bad mouthing her. Maybe we could learn something from the men sometimes. Has Punk ever spoken about any of his relationships in public? Maybe he has more substance, integrity, consideration & decency than that. Now shoot me.

  6. Poor girl.. I try to put myself in Maria’s shoes and.. how could you possibly love and lose a man like cm punk and keep sane..(?)
    This man is irresistible, he drives all women to despair and he knows it..he’s a monster..(sigh)
    Punk sometimes talked about his relationships but now he’s more discreet. Maybe this love story with Maria taught him a lesson..

  7. oh and I just wanted to say.. if our hairy Punk decides to shave his head, I will be allright, dignified and courageous. I won’t cry my eyes out, I won’t faint. I had prepared myself for the shock.

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