Raw Results: Triathlon of terror

As World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk looked on from the announce table, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & The Great Khali teamed up to face down Edge, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler. Perhaps sending a message to Punk, his opponent at The Bash, The Charismatic Enigma pinned Ziggler himself to secure the win for his team. As Hardy celebrated in the ring after the match, Punk climbed in and raised his Bash opponent’s hand in victory. Undoubtedly recalling how Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against him at Extreme Rules after a grueling World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match against Edge, Hardy jerked his hand away, his mind looking forward to this Sunday.

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  1. i’am fans of catch and cm punk and rey mysterio.my mail((theboss.sayah@hotmail.fr))cm punk and rey my frande i’am sayah 12/,bey.

  2. That was soo mean of jeff to do that i know that he is his opponent (?) at the bash but there was no need to do that.

    By The way i was shopping last weekend and i happend to buy pants like CM Punk!? That is wierd!

  3. you have gained to much sucuess in wwe u are going to be like triple h nobody going to want to see u as a champion wwe makes u look weak i alrady dont like u

  4. I love Punk eyeing the chicken 🙂 He’s adorable. Besides all the normal “he’s the best and he’s freakin amazing!” stuff, I had a question….Does Punk have a facebook?

    There’s someone with an account Phil Brooks that seems pretty convincing, but I didn’t think Punk would have one.

  5. hey cm punk whats up chump?fine?
    my name is peter anteblian from lebanon and iam watchig wwe every night
    so good like chump
    take care for your world champion
    good luck
    peter anteblian

  6. hey cm punk its me peter anteblian from lebanon
    so iwant to defend your world champion aganst jeff hardy at the bash i want give your all power to def jeff hardy so take care your world champion
    good luck peter anteblian

  7. hey punk congratulations for your championchip you are my inspiration and my secret boyfriend

  8. hola punk te felicito por retener el heavyweigt championchip soy tu fan #1 sabes fue por ti que me inspiraste para seguir mi sueño espero lograrlo
    sin mas por el momento te dejo que te vaya bien
    pd: no dejes que te quiten el championchip ok
    i love you

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