Raw Results: Trumping the competition


Though Jeff Hardy and some members of the WWE Universe might think otherwise, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk maintained that he did nothing wrong in cashing in his Money in the Bank on Hardy following his Ladder Match against Edge. On Raw, The Charismatic Enigma had an opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Title back from The Straightedge Champion, but with the added complication of The Rated-R Superstar’s presence.

In the course of the match, Punk appeared to injure his leg after landing wrong on the ring steps, moving outside the ring for WWE’s athletic trainers to attend to him. The World Heavyweight Champion made a miraculous recovery however, launching into action after Hardy hit Edge with a Swanton Bomb, pulling The Charismatic Enigma out of the ring and covering Edge to retain his championship gold. After the match, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long emerged, congratulating CM Punk and revealing that his next title defense would be against Jeff Hardy at The Bash.

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  1. Great match punk STOLE THE WHOLE SHOW Glad you won too YOU DESERVE it hope you win at the bash!!! YOUR THE BEST IN THE WORLD PUNK!!!

  2. From wrestlinginc.com:

    CM Punk, he was limping big time going backstage when they were off camera with two medics with him the whole time.


    Is CM Punk injured? I hope not! 🙁

  3. Hey Punk,

    I loved your interview on Raw. Spoken from the heart of a true champion. Also, awesome match as well! You showed a lot of heart and strength! Can’t wait to see you come to my hometown!

  4. u put ur body on the line at wrestlemania and you wont the contract. Aint nothing wrong by cashing your money in da bank. Anybody in the locker room would seize that opportunity if they have to. DO what is best for you but not what make people happy

  5. I loved that interview aswell, when matt came on i just had to laugh because he was just acting like a little sneak around cm punk. it just made me laugh when matt went “that was good stuff man, that was very good stuff!” i just laughted my pants off.

  6. First off…CM Punk is gorgeous! Saw him in LA and can’t wait to see him in action in San Diego July 3rd 🙂 [Punk, if you’re reading this, look for my yellow sign in the 3rd row behind the announcers!…if you could throw your shirt there that would be great too :)]

    He definitely deserves the title after that match and I was hoping the whole time his injury wasn’t serious. So excited to see him in action soon!

  7. when I saw in Charlotte NC 6/15/09 you seem like a nice guy and I was behind the announcers 9th row and I saw you look into my eyes and I had arm bands like jeff hardy with black hair and I had tatoos on my face and I was actual steping on my tiping toes in front of tall men I hope you can read this cm punk.love gabby

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